Freemasonry values it’s history like no other organization, and to that end, we’ve made some of that history available to the public which should especially interest genealogists.

In Maine, when a man petitioned to join Freemasonry, a three by five membership card was created.  Below you will find links to the nearly 200,000 of them that record those deceased members who joined between 1820 and 1995. There are also cards for some who joined prior to 1820 before Maine became a state and its own Grand Lodge was formed. Those who joined before 1995 but who were still living at that time are NOT included.

It is important to understand that due to the limitations of optical character recognition, not every card is machine-searchable. You are advised to scroll through these PDF files manually to see if the person you are seeking is included.

Scroll down for the alphabetically sorted membership cards.

More information about the abbreviations found on our membership cards is HERE.