Standing Committees

Note the first name on the list is Chairman.

On Credentials

Grand Secretary
Jeremy M. Edwards
Justin D. Hatch
Aarron M. Mower
Richard V. Ramsey
Derrick J. Gittleman
Christoher L. Robison
Thomas J. Williams
Aldous N. Hofmann
Tyler C. Weatherbee
Cole P. McMannus

On Returns
James H. Witham

On Grievances & Appeals

Douglas W. Drown
Leslie C. Boothbay
Bruce B. Rafnell

On Dispensations and Charters

Brian A. Paradis
Frederic B. Campbell
Douglas A. Taft

On Amendments to the Constitution*

A. James Ross
Jeffry A. Simonton
Patrick C. Whitney
George P. Pulkkinen (Emeritus)
Bradford D. Blake (Emeritus)
Alan R. Heath  (Emeritus)

On Masonic Jurisprudence

David A. Walker
Ronald W. Fowle II
George M. MacDougall

On Fraternal Relations

Chaire V. Tusch
Robert D. Lind
Marlon E. Welch

On Condition of the Fraternity

David K. Horne
Richard N. Bergeron

On Library and Museum


On Masonic Education and Lodge Services

D.K. Horne
Ryan J. Collins
Daniel E. Gaucher
Dennis W. Green
Frank M. Theriault
Walter M. MacDougall
Ryan J. Kane
Thomas J. Williams

On Doings of Grand Officers

Kelley M. Carter
Guy F. Chapman
Paul B. Grondin

On Unfinished Business

Robert B. Ward
Grand Secretary

On Ritual

Donald J. McDougal
Kevin E. Campbell
Eric W. Kuntz
Ronald S. Murphy

On By-Laws

Grand Secretary
Daniel E. Bartlett
Frank M. Theriault, Jr

Finance Committee

Michael G. Lambert (2024)
Ronald S. Murphy (2026)
Jonathan Rosen (2025)
Michael P. Tremblay (2026)
Roland W. Francis (2024)

Directors of the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation 

Susan Scacchi (Executive Director)
Daniel E. Bartlett – Grand Master
Donald W. Pratt – Deputy Grand Master
Jeffry A. Simonton – Senior Grand Warden
P. Michael Blank – Junior Grand Warden
James H. Witham – Grand Treasurer
– Grand Secretary
Frank M. Theriault (2026)
Parkin A. Hamilton (2024)
Audie Gould (2026)
Kevin E. Campbell (2024)
Claire V. Tusch (2025)
David A. Walker (2025)

Maine Masonic College

Luke C. Shorty – Chair
Eric W. Kuntz – Vice Chair
Daniel E. Gaucher
George M. Macdougall
Derrick J. Gittleman
Walter M. Macdougall, Emeritus
Brian L. Ellis
Donald J. Macdougall

Special Committees

On Insurance

Thomas E. Pulkkinen
Richard R. Albert

On Memorials

Rev. David D. Walz
Neal R. Haines
Aaron H. Burke
Jeffrey W. Monroe
Rev. Peter R. Remick
Rev. Nathan T. Richards

On Arrangements for Annual Communication

Kenneth L. Richardson
Michael R. Roy
William H. Stretton
Richard M. Nadeau

Commissioners of Trials

John T. Irovando
Ronald S. Murphy
Frank M. Theriault Jr.
Kirk D. Bloomer
P. Andrew Hamilton, Alternate
Ronald P. Green Sr., Alternate

The Maine Mason Editorial Board

George P. Pulkkinen
Marlon E. Welch
Daniel E. Bartlett

On Youth

Kenneth A. Caldwell
Richard H. Holman
David B. Rackliffe
Donald W. Pratt
Michael I. Theriault

On History of Masonry in Maine

Eric K. Durgin
Dennis W. Green
Maurice Joseph Marshall

Judge Advocate

John D. Bunker

On Investments

Todd M. Cesca
Ronald S. Murphy