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Today, many use the internet to seek information about their ancestry. Often they'll know that a family relative was a member of the fraternity of Freemasons - the Masons - and will want to know what information this group might have that could help them with their 'brick wall'.

As we preserve our history, we've been busy with projects that might benefit you as a genealogical researcher. It is important to remember, however, that Freemasonry in Maine - similar to most other Masonic jurisdictions worldwide - only collects information from a candidate so that the lodge may properly vote on his suitability to become a member.

Below you will find links to the nearly 200,000 3x5 cards that record those deceased members who joined between 1820 and 1995. There are also cards for some who joined prior to 1820 before Maine became a state and its own Grand Lodge was formed. Those who joined before 1995 but who were still living at that time are NOT included.

It is important to understand that due to the limitations of optical character recognition, not every card is machine-searchable. You are advised to scroll through these PDF files manually to see if the person you are seeking is included. There are approximately 250 cards in each grouping so as to not be too onerous.

More information about the abbreviations found on our membership cards is HERE.

Some additional information:

There are three degrees in Freemasonry: the Entered Apprentice (EA), Fellowcraft (FC) and Master Mason (MM). Sometimes they are enumerated as first, second, and third.

Dimitted (demitted/demit) is the date a Mason in good standing voluntarily surrendered his lodge membership. In the early days of Freemasonry (and in Maine up through 2006), the procedure involved in changing lodges was that a Mason had to first demit from his present lodge. Thus, on some cards, you will see a demit date along with notes about membership beginning in a different lodge. Also, in the early days in most of the Masonic world, one could only hold membership in one lodge. It would be erroneous, therefore, to assume that the member lost interest: he might have easily been planning a move and after having done so just never got around to rejoining. The love of members to the Fraternity of Freemasonry is attested to by the millions of millions of Masonic emblems on gravestones all across our land - far, far more than that of any other group.

Our list of all Maine Masonic lodges is found HERE. Currently operating lodges appear numerically while closed/merged lodges are at the end of the listing.


Aaron-Henry to Abbott-Nathaniel.pdf
Abbott-Nathaniel to Adamo-John.pdf
Adams-Frank to Adams-Robert.pdf
Adams-Robert to Albee-Henry.pdf
Additon-Loring to Adams-Frank.pdf
Albee-Henry to Alexander-Joseph.pdf
Alexander-Kenneth to Allen-Albert.pdf
Allen-Albion to Allen-Frank.pdf
Allen-Frank to Allen-Llewellyn.pdf
Allen-Lloyd to Althenn-Albert.pdf
Alto-Uno to Ames-Richard.pdf
Ames-Robert to Andrews-George.pdf
Anderson-Amos to Anderson-John.pdf
Anderson-John to Annis-Roger.pdf
Andrews-George to Anderson-Alverne.pdf
Annis-Samuel to Armstrong-James.pdf
Armstrong-James to Arnold-Melvin.pdf
Arnold-Quentin to Atkinson-George.pdf
Atkinson-Gerald to Austin-Asa.pdf
Austin-Asa to Averill-Leo.pdf
Averill-Nathan to Ayling-Frank.pdf
Aylward-Carleton to Bacon-Phillip.pdf
Bacon-Ralph to Bagley-Roy.pdf
Bagley-Samuel to Bailey-Hamilton.pdf
Bailey-Harmon to Baird-Frederick.pdf
Baird-Frederick to Baker-Leroy.pdf
Baker-Leroy to Ballard-Ephraim.pdf
Ballard-Frank to Banks-Richard.pdf
Banker-Samandel to Banker-Ebenezer.pdf
Barker-Edgar to Barnes-Albert.pdf
Barnes-Albert to Barritt-Robert.pdf
Barrow-Chandler to Barstow-Nathaniel.pdf
Barstow-Richard to Bartlett-Edward.pdf
Bartlett-Edwin to Basford-Basil.pdf
Basford-Chester to Bates-Herschel.pdf
Bates-Hiram to Beal-Edward.pdf
Beals-Edward to Bean-David.pdf
Bearce-George to Beckman-Carlton.pdf
Beau-David to Bearce-George.pdf
Beckman-John to Belyea-Ira.pdf
Belyea-John to Benjamin-Albert.pdf
Benjamin-Charles to Bennett-Harold.pdf
Bennett-Harold to Beusou-Stephen.pdf
Benson-Virgil to Berry-Cyrus.pdf
Berry-Cyrus to Berry-Wallace.pdf
Berry-Walter to Bibber-John.pdf
Bibber-Lawrence to Bicknell-Charles.pdf
Bicknell-Charles to Billington-Woodrow.pdf
Bills-Abner to Bishop-Leonard.pdf
Bishop-Leroy to Black-Kenneth.pdf
Black-Kenneth to Blair-James.pdf
Blair-James to Blaisdell-Donald.pdf
Blaisdell-Earle to Blake-George.pdf
Blake-George to Blanchard-Charles.pdf
Blanchard-Charles to Blethen-David.pdf
Blethen-Everett to Blynn-John.pdf
Blythe-Carl to Bolster-Fred.pdf
Boardman-James to Bolton-Richard.pdf
Bolster-George to Booker-Israel.pdf
Bolton-Thomas to Boone-Earl.pdf
Booker-James to Bornheimer-James.pdf
Boone-Eugene to Boragine-Eugene.pdf
Borchardt-Adolph to Bosworth-William.pdf
Bornheimer-Millard to Boutilier-Eugene.pdf
Botelho-Edward to Boutwell-Wendell.pdf
Boutilier-Frank to Bowen-Wilmer.pdf
Bova-Torrie to Bowen-Alton.pdf
Bowen-Asa to Bowlby-Benjamin.pdf
Bowen-Wilson to Bowman-Andrew.pdf
Bowlby-CRobert to Bracey-Steven.pdf
Bowman-Baxter to Boyd-William.pdf
Boyd-Wendell to Boynton-Woodbury.pdf
Brack-Kenneth to Bradbury-Bruce.pdf
Bradbury-Cecil to Bradford-John.pdf
Bradford-John to Bragdon-Donald.pdf
Bragdon-Donald to Braley-Vernon.pdf
Braley-Wilbur to Bray-Courtney.pdf
Bray-Eben to Brewer-Lewis.pdf
Brewer-Luther to Bridges-Melvin.pdf
Bridge-James to Bunker-Donald.pdf
Briggs-Walter to Brooks-Cedric.pdf
Brooks-Charles to Brown-Albion.pdf
Brown-Albion to Brown-Clayton.pdf
Brown-Clayton to Brown-Frank.pdf
Brown-David to Briggs-Theodore.pdf
Brown-Frank to Brown-Haskell.pdf
Brown-Hazel to Brown-Levi.pdf
Brown-Levi to Brown-Roland.pdf
Brown-Roland to Brubaker-John.pdf
Bruce-Alfred to Bryant-John.pdf
Bryant-John to Buck-Embert.pdf
Buck-Erwin to Budge-Henry.pdf
Bunker-E. to Burgess-Alfred.pdf
Burgess-Alger to Burleigh-Albert.pdf
Burleigh-Carll to Burnham-John.pdf
Burnham-Joseph to Burpee-Robert.pdf
Burpee-Samuel to Burton-Robert.pdf
Burton-Robert to Bustard-Harry.pdf
Butcher-Clayton to Butterfield-Carroll.pdf
Butterfield-Chester to Buzzell-Thomas.pdf
Buzzell-Thomas to Calderwood-Emery.pdf
Calderwood-Ezra to Cameron-Charles.pdf
Cameron-Charles to Campbell-Glenn.pdf
Campbell-Gordon to Canders-William.pdf
Canedy-Randolph to Carle-Robert.pdf
Carle-Robert to Carlton-Monroe.pdf
Carleton-Norman to Carr-Herbert.pdf
Carr-Herbert to Carter-Benjamin.pdf
Carter-Bradford to Carter-William.pdf
Carter-Willis to Cash-Melvin.pdf
Cash-Orlando to Cates-Edwin.pdf
Cates-Elisha to Chadbourne-James.pdf
Chadbourn-James to Chamberlain-Sidney.pdf
Chambers-Asa to Chandler-Henry.pdf
Chandler-Henry to Chapman-Arthur.pdf
Chapman-Asa to Charles-Howard.pdf
Charles-John to Chase-Fred.pdf
Chase-Frederic to Chase-Timothy.pdf
Chase-Timothy to Chiaparas-Spiro.pdf
Chick-Abner to Chisholm-Edmund.pdf
Chisholm-Hugh to Churchill-Brent.pdf
Churchill-Charles to Clary-Osgood.pdf
Clark-Charles to Clark-George.pdf
Clark-George to Clark-Joseph.pdf
Clark-Joseph to Clark-Rufus.pdf
Clark-Rufus to Cleaves-William.pdf
Clarry-Percy to Clark-Charles.pdf
Cleaves-William to Clewley-Albert.pdf
Clewley-Albert to Clough-Charles.pdf
Clough-Charles to Cobb-Edwin.pdf
Cobb-Edwin to Cochran-Arnold.pdf
Cochran-Bradford to Coffin-Nathan.pdf
Coffin-Nathaniel to Colby-Avery.pdf
Colby-Benjamin to Cole-Charles.pdf
Cole-Charles to Cole-John.pdf
Cole-John to Collamore-Verne.pdf
Collamore-William to Collins-Daniel.pdf
Collins-David to Colson-Otis.pdf
Colson-Perley to Condon-Clinton.pdf
Condon-Edgar to Conroy-Rupert.pdf
Conron-Thomas to Cook-Leone.pdf
Cook-Leroyto Coombs-Asphaxard.pdf
Coombs-Augustus to Cooper-Edward.pdf
Cooper-Edward to Corey see also Carey.pdf
Corey-Allan to Coruforth-Eli.pdf
Cornforth-Gardner to Cottrell-Ira.pdf
Cottrell-Irving to Cousins-Eugene.pdf
Cousins-Forrest to Cousins-John.pdf
Cousins-Kenneth to Cox-Fredrick.pdf
Cox-Fred to Craig-Earl.pdf
Craig-Edward to Crane-Clyde.pdf
Crane-Donald to Cray-Herbert.pdf
Creamer-Allan to Crocker-Harrison.pdf
Crocker-Harris to Crockett-Stanley.pdf
Crockett-Stephen to Crosby-Carl.pdf
Crosby-Cecil to Crossly-Benjamin.pdf
Crossley-Elmer to Croxford-Horace.pdf
Croxford-Horace-A to Cummings-Leland-Franklin.pdf
Cummings-Loemuel to Cunningham-Ronald.pdf
Cunningham-Roscoe to Curry-Clyde.pdf
Curry-Dale to Curtis-Joseph.pdf
Curtis-Joseph to Cushman-Charles.pdf
Cushman-Charles to Cutter-George.pdf
Cutter-Herbert to Daggett-Holman.pdf
Daggett-Irving to Dane-Joseph.pdf
Dane-Walter to Dart-Alex.pdf
Dart-Arnold to Cavis-Alexander.pdf
Davis-Alexander to Davis-Elijah.pdf
Davis-Eliphalett to Davis-Herbert.pdf
Davis-Herbertto Davis-Millard.pdf
Davis-Milton to Davis-Roy.pdf
Davis-Roy to Day-Alonzo.pdf
Day-Alanzo to Day-Percy.pdf
Day-Percy to Deans-William.pdf
Dearborn-Adorim to Delimar-Edward.pdf
Dee-Eric to Delong-Michael.pdf
Delponte-Ralph to Dennison-Annie.pdf
Dennison-Andrew to Devereaux-Herbert.pdf
Devereaux-John to Dickey-William.pdf
Dickie-Dean to Dillon-Ray.pdf
Dillon-Thomas to Dixon-Oliver.pdf
Dixon-Oliver to Dodge-David.pdf
Dodge-Donald to Doherty-Henry.pdf
Doherty-Richard to Dashburn-Oliver.pdf
Dorr-Earle to Doughty-Frank.pdf
Dorre-IS to Dorr-Earl.pdf
Doughty-Frank to Douglas-James.pdf
Douglass-Jay to Dow-George.pdf
Dow-George to Downer-Newell.pdf
Downes see also Downs to Drake-Archie.pdf
Drake-Arthur to Dresser-Nathan.pdf
Dresser-Perley to Drisko-Henry.pdf
Drisko-Hugh to Dudley-John.pdf
Dudley-Josiah to Duncan-Alexander.pdf
Duncan-Alex to Dunphy-Wilbur.pdf
Dunn-Samuel to Durgin-Joseph.pdf
Dunscombe-Edward to Dunton-Albert.pdf
Dunton-Alden to Dunn Rossell.pdf
Durgin-Joseph to Dwinell-Clyde.pdf
Dwinell-Frank to Dyer-Laurence.pdf
Dyer-Lawrence to Earle-Eugene.pdf
Earle-Eugene to Eastman-Carl.pdf
Eastman-Cecil to Eaton-Edwin.pdf
Eaton-Edwinto Ebbeson-Robert.pdf
Ebbett-George to Edgar-William.pdf
Edgecomb-Aaron to Edwards-Ernest.pdf
Edwards-Forest to Eldridge-Alvin.pdf
Eldridge-Arou to Elward-Martin.pdf
Elliot-Richard to Elliot-Walter.pdf
Elliot-Willard to Ellison-Wylie.pdf
Elston-Wallace to Emery-Charles.pdf
Elward-Richard to Elliot-Richard.pdf
Emery-Charles to Emery-Nahum.pdf
Emery-Nathaniel to Emmons-Augustus.pdf
Emmons-Barry to Erskine-George.pdf
Erskine-George to Estes-Ronald.pdf
Estes-Russell to Evans-John.pdf
Evans-John to Fairbanks-Levi.pdf
Fairbanks-Llewllyn to Farley-Roscoe.pdf
Farmer-Harry to Farnsworth-Will.pdf
Farnswoth-William to Farrell-Thomas.pdf
Farrel-William to Farington-Joseph.pdf
Farrington-Kenneth to Fay-James.pdf
Faye-Jesse to Fernald-David.pdf
Fernald-Edward to Fernald-Lloyd.pdf
Fernald-Theodore to Fifield-Edward.pdf
Field-Russell to Fish-Joseph.pdf
Fifield-Eugene to Field-Russell.pdf
Fish-Josiah to Fitch-Herbert.pdf
Fitch-John to Fitzsimmons-William.pdf
Flack-John to Fletcher-E.pdf
Fletcher-Earl to Flint-Milton.pdf
Flint-N to Floyd-Arthur.pdf
Floyd-Charles to Fogg-James.pdf
Fogg-James to Folsom-Joseph.pdf
Folsom-Josiah to Forbes-Arthur.pdf
Forbes-Darvis to Forbis-James.pdf
Forbis-Jesse to Foss-Alvah.pdf
Foss-Alvin to Foss-Washington.pdf
Foss-Wayne to Foster-Charles.pdf
Foster-Charles to Foster-Leland.pdf
Foster-Leon to Fowler-Alvin.pdf
Fowler-Arthur to Foy-Glenn.pdf
Foye-Henry to Frazier-Fred.pdf
Frazier-Harold to Frees-Augel.pdf
Frees-Augil to French-Ralph.pdf
French-Ralph to Frost-Avander.pdf
Frost-Benjamin to Frost-Irving.pdf
Frost-Irving to Fulton-Ernest.pdf
Fullerton-George to Furbish-Harry.pdf
Full-William to Fullerton-Elihu.pdf
Furbish-Henry to Galusha-Vinal.pdf
Galvin-Garret to Gammon-James.pdf
Gammon-James to Gardiner-Henry.pdf
Gardiner-Herbert to Garner-Lewis.pdf
Garner-William to Gary-Irving.pdf
Garnsey-Almon to Gay-Sidney.pdf
Gay-Soloman to Gerald-Walter.pdf
Gerard-William to Gervais-Robert.pdf
Gerwertz-Howard to Gibson Edwin.pdf

Gibson-Ferdinand to Gilbert-Cecil.pdf

Gilbert-Duane to Gill-Harry.pdf
Gill-James to Gilman-James.pdf
Gilman-Jamie to Ginn-Alonso.pdf
Ginn-Arthur to Gleszer-Edward.pdf
Gleszen-Roland to Godfrey-Amos.pdf
Godfrey - to Goldwaith-Edward.pdf
Goldwaite-Edward to Gooding-Perez.pdf
Gooding-Samuel to Goodwin-Chalmers.pdf
Goodwin-Chalmers to Goodwin-Orville.pdf
Goodwin-Oscar to Gordon-David.pdf
Gordon-David to Gordon-Arthur.pdf
Gorham-John to Gott-Charles.pdf
Gott-Clarence to Gould-John.pdf
Gould-John to Gowell-Roger.pdf
Gowell-William to Graham-Frank.pdf
Graham-George to Grant-Alack.pdf
Grant-Allister to Grant-Japeth.pdf
Grant-Jared to Grant-Kenneth.pdf
Grant-Kenneth to Grant-Percy.pdf
Grant-Percy to Graves-Samuel.pdf
Graves-Seldon to Gray-George.pdf
Gray-George to Gray-Royce.pdf
Gray-Rufus to Greene-Donald.pdf
Green-Donald to Green-Thomas.pdf
Greenleaf-Norman to Grey-Harrison.pdf
GreenThomas to Greenleaf-Moses.pdf
Grey-Jerome to Grindel-Theodore.pdf
Grindell-Hiram to Griswald-Robert.pdf
Grocott-Walter to Gross-Adelbert.pdf
Gross-Alabama to Guptill-Clarence.pdf
Guptill-Clifton to Guptill-John.pdf
Guptill-John to Hademan-John.pdf
Hademan- John to Haines-Claude.pdf
Haines-Daniel to Haines-Leon.pdf
Haines-Leon to Haley-Nelson.pdf
Haley-Ralph to Hall-Emil.pdf
Hall-Ephraim to Hall-Josia.pdf
Hall-Judson to Hall-William.pdf
Hall-William to Hambelton-Norman.pdf
Hamblin-Alvin to Hamilton-J.pdf
Hamilton-J to Hamlin-Oscar.pdf
Hamlin-Peirce to Hammond-Paris.pdf
Hammond-Paul to Hannaford-George.pdf
Hannaford-Harlan to Hanson-Holgir.pdf
Hanson-Irvin to Hanson-Stephen.pdf
Hanson-Stephen to Harding-William.pdf
Harding-William to Harlow-William.pdf
Harmer-Torr to Harmon-Charles.pdf
Harmon-Charlesto Harmon-Raymond.pdf
Harmon-Raymond to Harriman-Samuel.pdf
Harriman-Samuel to Harris-H.pdf
Harris-Harvey to Hart-Gilbert.pdf
Hart-Harry to Harvey-Harold.pdf
Harvey-Haroldto Haskell-Edward.pdf
Haskell-Edwin to Haskell-Stephen.pdf
Haskell-Stuart to Haskin-William.pdf
Haslam-Erland to Hatch-Harry.pdf
Hatch-Harry to Hathway-Roy.pdf
Hathaway-Russell to Hawke-Reade.pdf
Hawkens-Earl to Haycock-Lincoln.pdf
Haycock-Lynn to Hayes-Walter.pdf
Hayes-Walter to Hazen-Samuel.pdf
Hazlett-Alton to Heath-Frank.pdf
Heath-Fred to Heaward-Thomas.pdf
Hebb-Angus to Henderson-Fernald.pdf
Henderson-Norman to Hensley-Joseph.pdf
Henthorn-Allan to Herron-Daniel.pdf
Herron-Donald to Hewett-Elwood.pdf
Hewett-Elwyn to Hicks-Walter.pdf
Hicks-William to Higgins-Leslie.pdf
Higgins-Leslie to Hilton-Charles.pdf
Hill-Ernest to Hill-Llinrias.pdf
Hill-Toivo to Hind-Harold.pdf
Hilton-Chester to Hill-Ernest.pdf
Hinds-Harry to Hoag-Lanley.pdf
Hoage-Norman to Hodgdon-Adelbert.pdf
Hodgdon-Alan to Hodgkins-David.pdf
Hodgkins-David to Hodsdon-Joseph.pdf
Hodsdon-Joseph to Holden-Charles.pdf
Holden-Charles to Holmes-Arthur.pdf
Holmes-Arthur to Hold-Albert.pdf
Holt-Albert to Hood-Nelson.pdf
Hood-Ralph to Hooper-John.pdf
Hooper-Joshua to Hopkins-John.pdf
Hopkins-John to Horsman-Lee.pdf
Horsman-Levis to Houston-Albert.pdf
Houston-Archibald to Howard-James.pdf
Howard-James to Howe-Maynard.pdf
Howe-Melvin to Hoyt-George.pdf
Hoyt-George to Huey-Arthur.pdf
Huey-Thomas to Humes-Sidney.pdf
Humiston-Robert to Hunt-Everett.pdf
Hunt-Everett to Hunter-Zimri.pdf
Hunting-Gardner to Hupper-Wesley.pdf
Hurban-Mark to Hussey-Leo.pdf
Hussey-Leanderto Hutchins-Harold.pdf
Hutchins-Harris to Hutchinson-John.pdf
Hutchinson-Joseph to Ingalls-Henry.pdf
Ingalls-Herman to Inman-Charles.pdf
Inman-Frank to Iseman-Morris.pdf
Isherwood-Edgar to Jackson-Earl.pdf
Jackson Jr.-Samuel to James-Thomas.pdf
Jackson-Earle to Jackson-Samuel.pdf
James-Walter to Jeffs-Fred.pdf
Jellerson-Abel to Jennings- Charles.pdf
Jennings-Charles to Jewett-Hiram.pdf
Jewett-Howard to Johnson Jr.-Bernard.pdf
Johnson-Bertie to Johnson Jr.-Frank.pdf
Johnson-Frank to Johnson-Josiah.pdf
Johnson-Justin to Johnson-Thomas.pdf
Johnson-Thomas to Johnston-Rufus.pdf
Johnston-Shawn to Jones-Ellis.pdf
Jones-Elmer to Jones-Judson.pdf
Jones-Justus to Jones-William.pdf
Jones-William A. to Jordan-Gerald.pdf
Jordan-Gideon to Jordan-Roscoe.pdf
Jordan-Rufus to Joy-John.pdf
Joy-John T. to Jozefowicz-John.pdf
Jucias-Charles to Kallock-Joseph.pdf
Kalloch-Oscar to Keefe-Calvin.pdf
Keefe-Chester to Keezer-Richard.pdf
Kefarever-Joseph to Kelley-Berton.pdf
Kelley-Bradford to Kelley-Sheldon.pdf
Kelley-Stephin to Kent-William.pdf
Kennedy-George to Kensell-Wallace.pdf
Kent-William to Kennedy-George.pdf
Keoliher-Lawrence to Kief-Percy.pdf
Kief-Robert to Kimball-Charles.pdf
Kimball-Charles to Kimball-Richard.pdf
Kimball-Richard to King-Charles.pdf
King-Charles to Kingsbury-Onslow.pdf
Kingsbury-Richard to Klain-Jacob.pdf
Klain-Samuel to Knight-Daniel.pdf
Knight-David to Knightly-Albert.pdf
Knightly-Dana to Knowlton-Frederick.pdf
Knowlton-George to Kosiba-Frederick.pdf
Koskela-Shirley to LaChance-Laurence.pdf
Lachance-Lewis to Laing-William.pdf
Laing-William to Lambie-Kenneth.pdf
Lambord-Arthur to Lander-John.pdf
Lander-John to Lane-Sidney.pdf
Lane-Silas to Lanfest-E.pdf
Lang-Albert to Larlie-Burleigh.pdf
Larmer-Ernest to Larson-Theo.pdf
Larssing-Carl to Lawler-Harry.pdf
Lawler-Hiram to Lawson-Douglas.pdf
Lawson-Frank to Leadbetter-Hollis.pdf
Leadbetter-James to Leavitt-Joseph.pdf
Leavitt-Justin to Lee-William.pdf
Lee-Zina to Leighton-Andrew.pdf
Leighton-Arnold to Leighton-Lester.pdf
Leighton-Lewis to Lemke-Henry.pdf
Lemke-Kenneth to Lemont-Silas.pdf
LeMont-Thomas to Leslie-John.pdf
Leslie-John to Lewis-David.pdf
Lewis-Derbert to Lewis-Weston.pdf
Lewis-Weston to Libby-Daniel.pdf
Libby-Daniel to Libby-Irven.pdf
Libby-Irving to Libby-Perley.pdf
Libby-Peter to Lightbody-Frank.pdf
Lightbody-Raymond to Lindsey-Walter.pdf
Lindsey-Wayne to Litchfield-Edward.pdf
Litchfield-Elmer to Littlefield-Frank.pdf
Littlefield- Frank N. to Littlefield-Walter.pdf
Littlefield-Walter to Littlehale-Fawne.pdf
Littlehale-George to Locuson-John.pdf
Loder-Arthur to Long-Fred.pdf
Long-George to Look-Benjamin.pdf
Look-Bert to Lord-Merill.pdf
Lord-Jacob to Loring-Jacob.pdf
Loring-Jacob to Loveitt-Herbert.pdf
Loveitt-Hiram to Low-John.pdf
Lowell-Harry to Luce-Charles.pdf
Low-John to Lowell-Harry.pdf
Luce-Charles to Lund-Andrew.pdf
Lund-Calvin to Lunt-Samuel.pdf
Lunt-Thomas to Lyon-Clyde.pdf
Lyon-Edward to McAuley-Neil.pdf
MacDonald-George to Mack-Jack.pdf
Mack-James to Macomber-Francis.pdf
Macomber-Francis to Magee-John.pdf
Magee-John to Mairs-Ralph.pdf
Majka-Alan to Manchester-Ernest.pdf
Manchester-Frank to Manning-William.pdf
Mann-William to Maple-John.pdf
Maragus-Stanley to Marks-Eldridge.pdf
Marks-Eugene to Marston-Charles.pdf
Marshall-Ezra to Martin-Donald.pdf
Marston-Charles to Marshall-Ezekiel.pdf
Martin-Donald to Marvell-Charles.pdf
Marvell-Sumner to Mason-William.pdf
Mason-William to Matthews-James.pdf
Matthews-James to Mattucks-Samuel.pdf
Maugey-William to Maxim-Hervey.pdf
Maxim-Horace to Maynard-Philip.pdf
Maynard-Richard to Means-Horace.pdf
McAuley-Norman to McCausland-Dexter.pdf
McCausland-Ernest to McCormick-Avon.pdf
McCormick-Charles to McDaid-John.pdf
McDaniel-Charles to McDonald-Noah.pdf
McDonald-Oswald to McFarland-Paul.pdf
McFarland-Philip to McFee-Guilford.pdf
McGaffery-Arthur to McGuire-Hugh.pdf
McGuire-James to McIntyre-James.pdf
McIntyre-Malcolm toMcKenny-Clarence.pdf
McKenny-Clyde to McKown-David.pdf
McKown-Florence to McLaughlin-Willard.pdf
McLaughlin-W to McLeod-John.pdf
McLeod-John to McNeil-Daniel.pdf
McNeil-Donald to McPheters-George.pdf
McPhetres-Gorham to MacDonald-Gary.pdf
Means-Nezekiah to Melvin-Leland.pdf
Melvin-Maxwell to Merrill-Albion.pdf
Merrill-Albion to Merrill-Henry.pdf
Merrill-Henry to Merrill-William.pdf
Merrill-William to Meserve-Claude.pdf
Meserve-Clement to Meserve-Wilbur.pdf
Meserve-William to Metetsky-Benjamin.pdf
Metcalf-Alden to Milne-Henry.pdf
Miller-Harold to Miller-William.pdf
Miller-William to Miner-William.pdf
Milliken-Philip to Miller-Hans.pdf
Milne-Leslie to Milken-Percy.pdf
Miner-William to Mitchell-Eugene.pdf
Mitchell-Eugene to Mitchell-R.pdf
Mitchell-Radcliffe to Mitchell-Sanford.pdf
Mitchell-Seth to Monroe-Reginald.pdf
Monroe-Royal to Moody-Palmer.pdf
Moody-Paul to Moore-Appleton.pdf
Moore-Arnold to Moore-James.pdf
Moore-James to Morang-Clarence.pdf
Morang-Clifford to Morgan-Lewis.pdf
Morgan-Lloyd to Morrill-George.pdf
Morrill-George to Morrill-Samuel.pdf
Morrill-Samuel to Morrison-Harold.pdf
Morrison-Harry to Morse-Harry.pdf
Morse-Harry to Mortore-George.pdf
Morton-George to Moss-Eivind.pdf
Moss-Ernest to Moulton-Russell.pdf
Moulton-Samuel to Mulvey-Booth.pdf
Mulvey-Michael to Murch-David.pdf
Murch-Donald to Murdock-John.pdf
Murdock-John to Murphy-Cyrus.pdf
Murphy-David to Murphy-Winfield.pdf
Murray-Aaron to Myers-Donald.pdf
Myers-David to Nash-Jonathan.pdf
Nash-Joseph to Naylor-Joseph.pdf
Naylor-Kenneth to Neil-Clifford.pdf
Neil-Eben to Nelson-Lewis.pdf
Nelson-Linwood to Ness-John.pdf
Ness-John to Newell-David.pdf
Newell-Donald to Newman-Robert.pdf
Newman-Robert to Niskela-Alfred.pdf
Nichols-Wilson to Nickerson-Frank.pdf
Nickerson-Floyd to Noel-George.pdf
Niskala-Jalnar to Nichols-Willis.pdf
Noel-Harry to Noyes-Philip.pdf
Norton-Charles to Norwood-Robert.pdf
Norwood-Roby to Nye-H.pdf
Noyes-Randall to Norton-Charles.pdf
Nye-Henry to Oakes-Charles.pdf
Oakes-Charles to O'Donal-Relland.pdf
O'Donnell-Alfred to Oliver-Phillip.pdf
Oliver-Ralph to Orcutt-George.pdf
Orcutt-George to Osgood-Edward.pdf
Osgood-Edward to Owen-Elwyn.pdf
Owen-Forest to Packard-Philip.pdf
Packard-Raymond to Page-Philip.pdf
Page-Pitt to Paine-John.pdf
Paine-Joseph to Palmer-Caleb.pdf
Palmer-Calvin to Palmrose-Harry.pdf
Paltsits-Frederick to Parsons-Charles.pdf
Parker-Bernard to Parker-Oliver.pdf
Parker-Otis to Patten-Frank.pdf
Parsons-Charles to Partridge-George.pdf
Partridge-Harrie to Parker-Benjamin.pdf
Patten-Frank to Patterson-Moses.pdf
Patterson-Ora to Payson-Peter.pdf
Payson-Raymond to Pease-Donald.pdf
Pease-Eliphalet to Peavie-Millie.pdf
Peck-Willard to Pendleton-Alfred.pdf
Pendleton-Allen to Pennell-Osborne.pdf
Pennell-Percy to Perkins-Calnie.pdf
Perkins-Carle to Perkins-John.pdf
Perkins-John to Perkins-Walter.pdf
Perkins-Walter to Perry-Jerome.pdf
Perry-Jerry to Peters-Lou.pdf
Peters-Malcolm to Peterson-Everett.pdf
Peterson-Everett to Philbrook-Fernando.pdf
Philbrick-Francis to Phinney-Stanward.pdf
Phinney-Thomas to Pickard-Robert.pdf
Pickel-Guy to Pierce-James.pdf
Pierce-James to Pierce-Myron.pdf
Pierce-Nahum to Pike-Elias.pdf
Pike-Elmer to Pineo-Jonathan.pdf
Pineo-Parker to Pinkham-William.pdf
Pinkham-William to Place-Willliam.pdf
Plaisted-Alan to Plummer-Harris.pdf
Plummer-Harry to Pollack-Gerald.pdf
Pollard-Alfred to Poole-George.pdf
Poole-George to Poore-Edward.pdf
Pope-Alton to Porter-Milton.pdf
Porter-Neal to Potter-Roy.pdf
Potter-Silas to Powers-Gilbert.pdf
Powers-Gordon to Pratt-James.pdf
Pratt-James to Pratt-Robert.pdf
Pratt-Robert to Prentice-Keith.pdf
Preston-John to Prout-Hugh.pdf
Price-Alfred to Pulsifer-Addison.pdf
Prout-Irving to Pryor-Vaun.pdf
Pulsifer-Alden to Putnam-Eugene.pdf
Putnam-Eugene to Quint-Clarence.pdf
Quint-Dalbert to Rainey-Lloyd.pdf
Rainey-Merle to Rand-Christopher.pdf
Randall-Joshua to Ratigan-Cedric.pdf
Rand-Clarence to Randall-Joseph.pdf
Ratigan-Joseph to Ray-Henry.pdf
Ray-Hiram to Record-Oren.pdf
Record-Oren to Reed-Carl.pdf
Reed-Carleton to Reed-Reginald.pdf
Reed-Reuben to Rex-David.pdf
Rey-Donald to Rhoda-John.pdf
Rhoda-Leslie to Ricker-Walter.pdf
Richadson-Carl to Richardson-Isaac.pdf
Richardson-Ivan ro Rideout-Dwight.pdf
Rich-Howard to Rickard-Wilbur.pdf
Ricker-Walter to Rich-Howard.pdf
Riley-Arthur to Ring-Grafton.pdf
Ring-Harry to Robbins-Carl.pdf
Robbins-Carl to Robbins-Ralph.pdf
Robbins-Randall to Roberts-Frederic.pdf
Roberts-Freeman to Roberts-John.pdf
Roberts-John to Robertson-Owen.pdf
Robertson-Pearl to Robinson-Deane.pdf
Robinson-Dewey to Robinson-Eliphateh.pdf
Robinson-Elmer to Robinson-Kenneth.pdf
Robinson-Kilborn to Robinson-Woodbury.pdf
Robinson-Woodrow to Rodgers-Elliot.pdf
Rodgers-Elmer to Rodgers-Wallace.pdf
Rodgers-Walter to Rollins-Lindley.pdf
Rollins-Loris to Ronney-Calvin.pdf
Rood-Arthur to Ross-Theodore.pdf
Ross-Thomas to Rouse-James.pdf
Rouse-John to Rowe-Ralph.pdf
Rowe-Ralph to Rubinoff-David.pdf
Rubinoff-Harry to Russell-Benjamin.pdf
Russell-Brenard to Russell-Luther.pdf
Russell-Lyman to Ryder-Paul.pdf
Ryder-Paul to Safford-John.pdf
Safford-Joshua to Sampson-Arthur.pdf
Sampson-Arthur to Sanborn-John.pdf
Sanborn-John to Sanderson-John.pdf
Sanderson-Kenneth to Sands-Earl.pdf
Sands-Edward to Sargent-Frank.pdf
Sargent-Frank to Saunders-Ozro.pdf
Saunders-Ralph to Sawtelle-Frank.pdf
Sawtelle-George to Sawyer-Frank.pdf
Sawyer-Frank to Sawyer-Philip.pdf
Sawyer-Philip to Scammon-William.pdf
Scanlin-Donald to Schramm-John.pdf
Schrelske-Mymau to Scott-John.pdf
Scott-John to Seamans-Richard.pdf
Seamans-Stephen to Seaward-Charles.pdf
Seaward-Daniel to Seldon-Frank.pdf
Self-Frank to Sewell-Merritt.pdf
Sewell-Millard to Shalit-Saul.pdf
Shalou-Harold to Shaw-Charles.pdf
Shaw-Charles to Shaw-Lee.pdf
Shaw-George to Strout-George.pdf
Shaw-Leigh to Shea-William.pdf
Shead-Edward to Sprague-Frank.pdf
Shepard-William to Sherman-Harold.pdf
Sherman-Henry to Shorey-George.pdf
Shorey-Harrison to Sidlinger-Henry.pdf
Sidlinger-Ira to Simmons-Roy.pdf
Simmons-Simeon to Simpson-Raymond.pdf
Simpson_Reuben to Skiffington-Albert.pdf
Skillin-Alexander to Skillings-Neil.pdf
Skillings-Oliver to Sloan-Jerethmel.pdf
Sloan-John to Small-Ernest.pdf
Small-Erwin to Small-Luther.pdf
Small-Lyman to Smart-John.pdf
Smart-John to Smith-Arthur.pdf
Smith-Arthur to Smith-Charles.pdf
Smith-Cheever to Smith-Ellsworth.pdf
Smith-Ellsworth to Smith-Eugene.pdf
Smith-Eugene to Smith-George.pdf
Smith-Gerald to Smith-Houston.pdf
Smith-Howard to Smith-Joshua.pdf
Smith-Josiah to Smith-Loren.pdf
Smith-Loren to Smith-Reuben.pdf
Smith-Reuben to Smith-Terrence.pdf
Smith-Thayer to Snell-Charles.pdf
Snell-Charles to Snow-Ira.pdf
Snow-Isaac to Soler-John.pdf
Solie-Albert to Soule-Julius.pdf
Soule-Julius to Spalding-Charles.pdf
Spaulding-Charles to Spear-Seth.pdf
Spear-Thaddeus to Spencer-Wilbur.pdf
Spencer-William to Stiles-Frank.pdf
Sprague-Frank to Sprague-Levi.pdf
Sprague-Luman to Sproul-John.pdf
Sproul-John to Stahl-Floyd.pdf
Stahl-Herbert to Stanley-Isaac.pdf
Stanley-Ithamar to Stanwood-William.pdf
Stapledon-Richard to Staples-Randall.pdf
Staples-Raymond to Stearns-Clarence.pdf
Stearns-Clayton to Stephens-Schyler.pdf
Stephenson-Albert to Steussy-Reinhold.pdf
Stevens-Darwin to Stevens-John.pdf
Stevens-John to Stevens-William.pdf
Stevens-William to Stewart-David.pdf
Steves-Guy to Stevens-Danville.pdf
Stewart-Delbert to Shepard-William.pdf
Stiles-Frank to Stinson-Hardy.pdf
Stinson-Harold to Stocker-Stanley.pdf
Stockford-Adolph to Stone-Henry.pdf
Stone-Herbert to Stoughton-Theodore.pdf
Stout-Ronald to Shaw-George.pdf
Strout-George to Stuart-John.pdf
Stuart-John to Sturke-Ralph.pdf
Sturk-Robinson to Suomi-Oscar.pdf
Superant-Albert to Swan-Leroy.pdf
Swan-Llewellyn to Sweetster-Herman.pdf
Sweetster-John to Swift-George.pdf
Swift-George to Symmes-George.pdf
Symmes-Walter to Tallman-Daniel.pdf
Tallman-Harry to Tarr-Carl.pdf
Tarr-Charles to Taylor-Curtis.pdf
Taylor-Curtis to Taylor-Monroe.pdf
Taylor-Neil to Taylor-Willliam.pdf
Taylor-Wilfred to Teravainen-Oscar.pdf
Terpstra-John to Thibadeau-Charles.pdf
Thibault-Maurice to Thom-E.pdf
Thomas-Loamma to Thompson-Arthur.pdf
Thom-Ichabod to Thomas-Linwood.pdf
Thompson-Arthur to Thompson-George.pdf
Thompson-George to Thompson-Orient.pdf
Thompson-Orion to Thrower-John.pdf
Thrower-John to Thyng-Walter.pdf
Tiano-John to Tidd-Floyd.pdf
Tidd-Gordon to Titcomb-Alan.pdf
Titcomb_Alton to Toft-Howard.pdf
Toft-Jesse to Torrey-Charles.pdf
Torrey-Belcher to Towle-Hiram.pdf
Towle-Horace to Townsend-Jesse.pdf
Townsend-John to Tozier-Glendon.pdf
Tozier-Harry to Trafton-James.pdf
Trafton-James to Trayford-Arthur.pdf
Trayford-Edward to Treworthy-Byron.pdf
Trial-Carmen to Trudell-Roy.pdf
True-A to Trussell-Benjamin.pdf
Trussell-Edgar to Tuffts-Willliam.pdf
Tufvesson-Nils to Turner-Fredrick.pdf
Turner-Galen to Turner-Herbert.pdf
Turner-Herbert to Tuttle-Hezekiah.pdf
Tuttle-Hiram to Tyler-Harry.pdf
Tyler-Herbert to Urquhart-Allen.pdf
Urquhart-Andrew to Van Tassel-Sumner.pdf
Van Tassel-Vaughn to Vaughan-Elbert.pdf
Vaughan-Elliot to Vickery-Franklin.pdf
Vickery-George to Vosbergh-Stephen.pdf
Vosberg-Stephen to Voter-Frank.pdf
Voter-N to Wahdgren-Olf.pdf
Walastrom-Arvid to Waldron-Charles.pdf
Waldron-Charles to Walker-George.pdf
Walker-George to Walker-William.pdf
Walker-William to Wallace-Thaddeus.pdf
Wallace-Thomas to Wambold-Lloyd.pdf
Wanbaugh-Robert to Ward-Herbert.pdf
Ward-Herbert to Ward-Silas.pdf
Ward-Stanley to Warren-Edmund.pdf
Warren-Edward to Washburn-Charles.pdf
Washburn-Clifford to Waterhouse-William.pdf
Waterhouise-William to Watson-Harry.pdf
Watson-Henry to Watts-John.pdf
Watts-John to Webb-Frank.pdf
Webber-George to Webber-Wesley.pdf
Webber-Wesley to Wedgewood-Newton.pdf
Webb-Frank to Webber-George.pdf
Wedgewood-Newton to Weible-Robert.pdf
Weick-Carl to Welch-William.pdf
Welch-William to Wentworth-Andrew.pdf
Wentworth-Andrew to Wentworth-Willard.pdf
Wentworth-William to West-James.pdf
West-James to Weston-William.pdf
Weston-William to Weymouth-Carrol.pdf
Weymouth-Charles to Wheeler-Edward.pdf
Wheeler-Edward to Wittaker-William.pdf
White-David to White-Greenlief.pdf
White-Guy to White-Roger.pdf
White-Roland to Wiggin-Thomas.pdf
Whiting-Edward to Whitney-Charles.pdf
Whitney-Charles to Whitney-W.pdf
Whitney-Walter to Whittier-Cyrus.pdf
Whittier-Bruce to White-David.pdf
Wiggin-Thomas to Wilcox-Samuel.pdf
Wilcox-Theodore to Wilfert-Franklin.pdf
Wilfong-Gary to Willcot-Alfonso.pdf
Willett-Abbott to Williams-Cedric.pdf
Williams-Chandler to Williams-Gordon.pdf
Williams-Griffith to Williamson-Alton.pdf
Williamson-Alton to Willliamson-George.pdf
Williamson-Glenn to Wilson-Charles.pdf
Wilson-Charles to Wilson-John.pdf
Wilson-John to Winchenbaugh-E.pdf
Winchenbaugh-Ensign to Winn-George.pdf
Winn-George to Winter-Emil.pdf
Winter-Frank to Witham-Mark.pdf
Witaker-William to Whiting-Edward.pdf
Witham-Melvin to Woodbury-Clayton.pdf
Woodbury-Clinton to Woodbury-Stephen.pdf
Woodbury-Stephen to Woodsome-Frank.pdf
Wood-Howard to Wood-William.pdf
Woodsome-J to Wood-Herman.pdf
Wood-Wilmont to Worden-Lovet.pdf
Worden-Ronald to Wotten-Ira.pdf
Wotten-Paul to Wright-Sylvanus.pdf
Wright-Sylvester to Wyman-Samuel.pdf
Wyman-Seth to Yeaton-Stanton.pdf
Yeaton-Winthrop to York-Samuel.pdf
York-Sewall to Young-Ernest.pdf
Young-Ernest to Young-Moses.pdf
Young-Moses to Zing-Louis.pdf
Zink-Albert to Zyla-Lewis.pdf

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