Annual Communication Legislation and Candidate Summary

Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maine Annual Communication May 2nd– 3rd 2017 Northport, Maine The following proposed amendments to the Constitution require a final vote: 75.3 LODGE HISTORIES- Each lodge in this jurisdiction is encouraged to prepare its history for the preceding year and especially for significant anniversary years. Copies… Read more »

Grand Lodge Annual Communication

The Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Maine on May 1st through 3rd is quickly approaching.  It will be held at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine this year. Below is a reservation form that will allow you to reserve your meal choices for the event.  There are also instructions… Read more »

Behind the Curtain

An interesting blog post from Brian Fitzgerald, the photographer who helped create the visual feel behind the redesign of the Grand Lodge of Maine website.  While initially unsure of what he may find, Brian came to see a vibrant group of men seeking to improve themselves, their communities, and enjoy each… Read more »