Annual Communication Legislation and Candidate Summary

Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Maine

Annual Communication

May 2nd– 3rd 2017

Northport, Maine

The following proposed amendments to the Constitution require a final vote:

75.3 LODGE HISTORIES- Each lodge in this jurisdiction is encouraged to prepare its history for the preceding year and especially for significant anniversary years. Copies of histories filed with the Grand Lodge by March 1st will be reviewed by the Committee on History of Masonry in Maine for its report and recognition of Lodge histories at the Annual Communication.

86 APRONS- The apron is a part of the Masonic clothing and cannot be worn in public outside of the lodge room, except to participate in Memorial or Divine services, Grand Lodge approved processions, ceremonies to recognize Masonic veterans or to present Grand Lodge approved awards, moreover no lodge shall form a public procession – funeral processions and processions for attendance upon divine service excepted – without dispensation from the Grand Master. Nor is it proper for a lodge, as such, to take part in any public demonstration except to perform some Masonic labor sanctioned by the Grand Lodge.

               The following proposed amendments to the Constitution are offered for initial reading:

Offered by the Committee on Finance-35.5 COMMITTEE ON FINANCE- Members, who are not otherwise voting members of Grand Lodge, shall have the same status as other elected officers of Grand Lodge, while serving on the committee.

Offered by Brother Daniel DiDonato of Ancient Brothers Lodge #178– If any Brother is summoned by Grand Lodge, for any reason other than the Annual Communication or duty voluntarily assumed, the following will apply: If the distance traveled is more than 30 miles, the summoned Brother shall be compensated for all travel at the rate of $1.00 per mile, payable upon his arrival. If the distance is 100 or more, the Grand Lodge will ascertain if lodging is required, if so, Grand Lodge will secure such lodging, as would befit, the Grand Master.

               There are ten positions to be balloted:  

Senior Grand Warden:  Candidates are RW Brother Rufus Cox and Wor. Brother Michael Kimball.

Junior Grand Warden: Candidate is RW Brother Kenneth Caldwell.

Trustees of the Charitable Foundation: Two seats and the candidates are MW Brother Wayne Adams, RW Brother Donald Pratt, Wor. Brother Michael Tremblay, Brother Dale Knapp and Brother Dylan Wing

Committee on Finance: Two seats and the candidates are RW Brother Ronald Murphy and RW Brother John Irovando

Officers seeking re-election: The Grand Master, MW Brother Thomas Pulkkinen; Deputy Grand Master, RW Brother Mark Rustin; Grand Treasurer, RW Brother Scott Whytock; and Grand Secretary, RW Brother Daniel Bartlett.