Each Correct Answer Worth 2 Points. Passing Grade is 70 Points

1. What is the highest honor that a lodge can confer upon one of it’s members? ____________________________.

2. Before sitting in open lodge, every visitor must be ___________.

3. After opening the lodge, every first time visitor, should be ____________.

4. After opening the lodge, all Past Masters should be inivited to ______________.

5. How many brethren must be appointed to the committee to examine visitors? ______________.

6. What is the maximum number of visitors that can be examined at one and the same time? ______________.

7. The ______________ lists all lodges in fraternal relations with the Grand Lodge of Maine.

8. A visitor having passed the examination may insist on inspecting the ______________.

9. Which lodge officer is responsible for every visitor being a brother of the degree being opened? ______________.

10. Every Grand Lodge Officer and Permanent member of Grand Lodge should be received with ______________.

11. When the Grand Master is present, at what point in the opening does the Master receive him? ______________.

12. Which Grand Lodge officer raps at the door to announce that the Grand Master and his suite awaits to be admitted? ______________.

13. Which five lodge officers form the escort for receiving the Grand Master? ______________.

14. Which lodge officers form behind the Grand Master during his reception? ______________.

15. At what point in the reception of the Grand Master does the Master remove his hat? ______________.

16. At what point in the reception of the Grand Master does the Master rap up the Brethren? ______________.

17. When the Grand Master is escorted to the East during his reception, where should the Lodge Master be? ______________.

18. When the Grand Master is introduced in a tyled Lodge he is accorded the ______________.

19. When the Grand Master is introduced in an open Lodge he is accorded the ______________.

20. The Master should present the ______________ of the Lodge to the Grand Master after receiving him.

21. Which honors do Past Grand Masters receive in a tyled Lodge? ______________.

22. Which honors does a Master-elect receive at his private installation? ______________.

23. Which honors does the D.D.G.M. receive on his official visitation? ______________.

24. At what point in the degrees does a candidate receive the title, “Brother”? ______________.

25. When does a Brother receive the title, “Worshipful Brother? ______________.

26. Which Grand Lodge officers attain the title, “Very Worshipful”? ______________.

27. Which Grand Lodge officers attain the title, “Right Worshipful”? ______________.

28. When does a brother attain the title, “Most Worshipful”? ______________.

29. The highest Masonic title attained is retained for ______________.

30. In lodge, always use Masonic title with ______________ name or ______________ name.

31. In correspondence, titles are used on ______________ but not on ______________.

32. “A certain number of Masons, duly assembled” is called a ______________.

33. Campaigning or nominations for Masonic Lodge office is not ______________.

34. Masters and Wardens can not ______________ from office.

35. In the absence of the Master the following may preside ______________.

36. A Brother entering an open Lodge should go behind the Altar and give ______________.

37. It is the duty of the ______________ to meet and greet all members.

38. The Master’s hat is a symbol of ______________.

39. Who may wear the Master’s hat in the East? ______________.

40. Why should no one pass between the Altar and the East except during degree work? ______________.

41. Every applicant for the degrees must be ______________ years of age.

42. Every applicant for the degrees must have been a resident of Maine for ______________ months.

43. Degrees cannot be conferred until ______________ days after election.

44. In balloting how many white balls must there be? ______________.

45. In balloting how many black cubes must there be? ______________.

46. No member is excused from balloting on a petition except by ______________ vote of the Lodge.

47. In preferring Masonic Charges which lodge officer prepares the specifications of the offense? ______________.

48. What are the three types of punishment that Grand Lodge can impose for a Masonic offense? ______________.

49. In conducting the Masonic Memorial Service the Master should stand ______________.

50. During a Masonic Memorial Service the ______________ should be clear between the casket and the family and friends.