There are many times when a Master wants to get word out quickly and directly to the membership. Those include Memorial Services, a public supper or some other Lodge event where he would like to have a good turn-out.
It is not possible for him to contact everyone himself, but with a good telephone tree, he can do it. These are the steps:

First, identify your members who live locally who would like to be called and who are able to attend your events.

Second, pick your Chairman.

Third, enlist one conmiittee member for each ten brothers you would like to be able to contact.

Fourth, give each of your Committeemen a list of ten (10) members he is to call and tell him to put it in his wallet.

Here is what it looks like in outline:

Example of a phone tree

Committee members may be house-bound or bed-ridden. Enlist their aid by personal contact.

As a control to verify that each committeeman is doing his job regularly,
it may be worthwhile to have one officer or regular attender on each committeeman’s list. If he does not receive his call on time, he can contact the Master or committee chairman.

The Master receives input from his Wardens, Secretary and various commiltee chairmen and from this, determines what the telephone information will be. He gives this to the Telephone Committee chairman who passes it along to the committee members, who in turn pass it to the Brethren on their list.

Feedback from the members such as sickness, need for transportation to a meeting, future change of address, etc., is sent back to the chairman who passes it to the Master or the Secretary.

The above chart is made for a Lodge with a calling list of 100 members.
It can be enlarged or reduced, to suit the size of the Lodge and its membership within the “toll free” calling radius. The Chairman might be one of the regular officers.

Section 12: How To Run A Good Business Meeting