During your year as Master, a few members of your Lodge or the widow of a member might need help. You can request financial relief, in moderate amounts, from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

The first step is to get an application form. A copy is available here for downloading.

The second step is to interview the recipient in order to obtain the information needed to complete the form.

These are the things the Foundation looks for in evaluating an application and deciding on the appropriate level of relief:

1. Application. Your application will receive a quick response if you submit a complete application with all the blanks filled in and with bills reflecting the outstanding obligations.

2. A narrative. The Foundation has no independent means of evaluating an application. It is always helpful if you enclose a letter giving some background on the individual and his or her situation.

3. Participation by the Lodge. It is not required, but it adds credibility to your application to show how much the Lodge, itself, has done to relieve the distress of a Brother or his family member.

4. Negotiation. Many applications indicate obligations far in excess of the Foundation’s ability to relieve. Many Lodges take a very active role in assisting a Brother to negotiate or compromise his obligations.
In a recent case, a Brother had medical expenses in excess of $41,000.00.
The Brother and his Lodge very skillfully negotiated this down to slightly more than $6,000.00 which he, his Lodge and our Foundation were able to pay in full.

5. Allocation. When the application is complete, the background information provided, all other sources tapped, and the obligation reduced as low as it can be, the Foundation can respond quickly taking into consideration the extent of funds available and the needs of other applicants.

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