Table of Contents


Chapter I – Our Masonic Fraternity

Freemasonry Defined The Ancient Origins of the Craft Freemasonry: Its purposes for Masons and Mankind Declaration Our Masonic Tenets The Universal Masonic Landmarks Teaching Through the Use of Symbolism The Vision of Freemasonry in Maine

Chapter II – The Mason and His Lodge

Membership in a Symbolic or Blue Lodge The Qualifications to Become a Mason The Duties and Privileges of Lodge Membership Serving Your Lodge Lodge Organization and Officers Masonic Protocol Lodge Apparel Pocket Jewels Lapel Insignia Masonic Titles Official Correspondence Other Lodge Etiquette Lodge Dues and Contributions Balloting on New Lodge Members Subjects Not Proper for Discussion in Lodge

Chapter III – The Three Degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry

The Philosophy of Freemasonry Proper Preparation of The Candidate The Three Degrees The First Degree – Entered Apprentice The Second Degree – Fellow Craft The Third Degree – Master Mason Symbols and Instructional Elements Symbolism of the First Degree First Section Second Section Summary Symbolism of the Second Degree First Section Second Section Summary Symbolism of The Third Degree First Section Second Section Emblems Summary – The Masonic Degrees

Chapter IV – Enjoying Freemasonry Beyond Your Blue Lodge

Visiting Other Lodges Collateral Masonic Bodies Scottish Rite Masonry York Rite Masonry Shrine Other Members of the Masonic Family of Organizations Order of DeMolay for Boys Order of Rainbow for Girls Order of Eastern Star The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem The Order of the Amaranth The Daughters of the Nile The Social Order of the Beauceant Symbols of the Family of Masonic Organizations

Chapter V – The Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge Era Titles of Grand Lodges Grand Lodge Organization and Administration The Josiah Hayden Drummond Medal The Simon Greenleaf Medal

Chapter VI – Opportunities for More Light

Grand Lodge Library Museum of Our National Heritage Ten Good Masonic Books

Chapter VII – Masonic Charities

Charity, A Masonic Way of Life The Heart of the Masonic Family The Principal Charities of Freemasonry

Chapter VIII – Frequently Asked Questions About Freemasonry

Is Freemasonry a Secret Society?
Is Freemasonry a Religion?
Can an Atheist Become a Mason?
Can a Catholic Become a Mason?
May I have Masonic Membership in Multiple Lodges?
Can Masons Solicit New Members?
What is the Proper Protocol for Masonic Funerals?