Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – September 2012

It has been some months since the last newsletter from the Grand Secretary’s Office. Much  has taken place since the last issue, including a one hundred and thirty mile relocation to our new office at 1007 Main Road in Holden. Despite the disruption, your Grand Lodge Office has continued to function, providing service to the Craft.

MW Leighton, elected as Grand Secretary at the Annual Communication, retired after completing the move and establishing the new location as a very functional arena within which we fulfill our purpose. We owe MW Leighton a debt of gratitude for his tireless logistical efforts bringing willing hands and resources to bear on a very daunting task. He was assisted by many in the Craft in accomplishing a seamless transition to Holden.

Upon MW Leighton’s retirement, MW Ross appointed me, Mark E. Rustin, to the office of Grand Secretary. I began my duties August first after “basic training” under MW Leighton’s watchful eye. I bring to your office a lifetime of experience working with people in law enforcement, small business, and pastoral ministry. My commitment to you is, with the assistance of our great staff, to provide the Craft with service it needs to carry out it purpose of making good men better and thereby improving the world we live within.
By way of this newsletter, I will communicate with the Craft – especially the Lodge secretaries – offering information which should be helpful in fulfilling their mission. The information provided to this Office by the Lodges is critical to the work of Masonry in Maine. The work of the Lodge secretaries makes this possible. To that end, here we go.

With the advent of the use of MORI for data collection, some have had to conquer a new learning curve to become effective MORI users. If you are one of the few secretaries who has yet to sign on, please do so. Use the written information provided to you in the recent past to sign on, or call me at the office – 843-1086, and we’ll sign you up and get you started. Fifteen minutes is all it takes. The value to you as a Lodge Secretary is hard to overstate.

Your Lodge, and the Grand Office as well, will have consistent, up to date information available. The monthly status reports need not be sent in by those who keep MORI current. You have access to bulk e-mail to stay in touch with your members. Dues billing and Annual Returns become a much less time consuming task. As you become more familiar with the power of MORI, the more value it will add to your service to the Lodge. We are here to assist. If you have questions, don’t stew with frustration. Call me.

I have asked the DDGMs to setup District wide secretaries’ meeting during the autumn months. Please plan to attend. I look forward to meeting each of you, sharing information, and gaining insight in how better to serve you as you serve the Lodge

Along with our Grand Librarian, Bro. Ed King, we’ve be discussing ways to better serve the Craft. One idea is to provide some of the Masonic books available for those who are legally blind. We desire your input as to whether or not that service would be valued by any members of your Lodge. Let us know.

You should have received your 2013 dues cards by now. If not, let me know. Included in that mailing were the Annual Returns due in January. I am reasonably comfortable that you should be able to put the return into your printer and print the information directly from MORI.

I plan to attend the District Meetings this year. I welcome the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible and to renew relationships with my many fraternal friends.

April, Theresa, and I are here to serve the needs of the Craft. Give us a call if we can be of service.
Mark E. Rustin
Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary