Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – June 2013


With the onset of summer when many Lodges go “dark”, the hours for the Grand Lodge Office will be the normal 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM. The extended Monday evening hours will be “dark” until September. If your schedule makes it impossible to contact us during the day, e-mail us or leave a telephone message at a time convenient to you. We will respond to your requests.

For those not using the electronic database, please remember to file your status reports and election/installation requests in a timely manner. Status reports are due by the 5th of the following month. The information is vital to the doings of the Fraternity. Inaccurate or incomplete information diminishes all of us in our ability to effectively and efficiently serve the Craft.

We have two “new” tools to offer the Craft in stock. The first is the Masonic Memorial Service and Masonic Funeral Service in a presentation format. The 5.5 x 8.5 booklet contains both services excerpted from the Maine Masonic Textbook. The booklet also contains a presentation page which allows the Lodge to personalize the booklet and use it as a tangible memento for the Lodge to offer to the Brother’s survivor(s). These booklets can be ordered from the Office at $1.75 each.

The second is a booklet produced in house which contains the addresses, meeting times, and “dark” times for each Lodge in this Jurisdiction. The information is sorted by the community within which the Lodge is located. We print these in small quantities fairly often. That routine allows the information to be updated on a regular basis. The booklets can be ordered from the Office at $2 each.

As many of you have experienced, we have upgraded the package of information we send to you to present to the newly raised Master Masons in your Lodge. In addition to the personalized diploma, we also include a welcome letter from the Grand Master, a pre-printed dues card, Master Mason Rookie forms, and a “Ben Franklin” DVD.

When you decided upon a raising date for a new Master Mason, let us know and we will have all these materials in your hands before the date of the Degree work. Use this system to properly welcome the raised brother to the Craft.

The Maine Masonic Library continues to increase its holdings and make more books and other materials available to the Craft and the public. A public access computer will soon be available. Local residents and vacationers will find a welcoming location to meet their internet needs. The Library will also offer wireless internet access.

The Maine Masonic Museum continues to unpack and display many artifacts belonging to the Craft. We anticipate the arrival of display cases to facilitate the sharing of objects while protecting them from harm.

Remember: No job is finished until the paperwork is done.

Mark E. Rustin
Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary