Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – July 2013


I’m pleased to report the new 5 year increment service buttons have arrived and are available for presentation to the Brethren if your Lodge desires to use this tool. You can query MORI to find the Brethren who are eligible during 2013. I encourage you to honor your Brothers by noting their years of service.

Just a “housekeeping” procedural note regarding e-mail:

This distinction should allow for your requests to be handled more efficiently. If it comes to my mailbox and I’m not in the office, your email will have to await my return to be transferred to the staff thereby holding up your request. Please do not send the same message to both e-mail boxes as this sometimes causes confusion and duplication of effort.

When you set a date for Raising a Brother, notify this Office and we will have the Diploma in your hands before the Degree work is done. Included in the package will be a welcome letter from the Grand Master, the forms for the Master Mason Rookie Program, a preprinted dues card, and a Ben Franklin DVD which will acquaint the new Master Mason and his family with the Craft.

Plan to have this material available at the Raising meeting.

As a reminder, the Maine Masonic College is holding their 4th Annual Convocation on July 27th in Portland at Sable Oaks. I encourage you to attend if possible. The theme, “Polishing the Stone,” leads to a discussion of the work we do as Masons in smoothing the ashlar of our lives. There will be four presenters on various aspects of the theme. For more information, go to the portal page and choose the Maine Masonic College link. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Grand Librarian has started a children’s section in the Grand Lodge Library. If you wish to come to the library to seek out books, feel free to bring your children with you. There are age appropriate books and other items to fill their time while you look for your needs.

The Grand Lodge Library now offers WiFi access while here and a public access computer to assist you if the need arises. In keeping with our Masonic sense of service, these services are also available to the general public.

An electronic billboard sign has been installed outside the Grand Lodge Office. The sign allows us to better portray Freemasonry to the thousands of people who pass by the Office each day. It also displays the current time and temperature. A thirty foot, lighted flagpole will be installed in front of the Office in the near future.

The Grand Lodge Office will be “dark” July 4th and 5th as the Staff and I celebrate our nations Independence.

Mark E. Rustin
Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary