Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – January 2013


I hope you and yours enjoyed a great Holiday Season. The recent snowfall is a reminder that winter is here. With winter comes the season for elections and installations for many Lodges. Additionally, many Lodges go dark for part of the winter to conserve heating fuel. These events generate additional work for you.

Be sure to notify this office as soon as installations have taken place. In MORI submit the “Certificate of Election.” Otherwise, use the paper Form No. 25.

The Annual Return must be filed along with the per capita payment before February 1, 2013. Those using MORI may print the Return using MORI, sign it, attach the check and mail it in. Please be sure to fill in the requested information on the first page. Otherwise, use the paper Form No. 8 which was mailed to each Lodge in September. In either case, please be sure all reportable information for 2012 is included.

The Annual Return should list the officers in the chairs on 12/31/2012 regardless of how long they have been in office. For example, if your officers are installed in December they are the officers listed in the Return.

A reminder for those of you who are not using MORI to keep information current, Form 15 must be filed no later than the 5th of the month following the reporting period. Example: The report on January’s activity must be filed by February 5th. These forms must be filed whether or not any activity took place or whether or not the Lodge is dark.

Anyone wishing to sign in to MORI should call this Office. It will only take a few minutes and will save you hours of labor. Each Lodge is entitled to a login for the Master, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary. I encourage you to make this system work for you and your Lodge.

When the necessity arises, Application for Dispensation Forms are available on the Grand Lodge website. These forms need to be filed in a timely manner taking into consideration the time needed by the Grand Master to review and decide upon the request.

The Grand Librarian has donated over two dozen books relating to software which are available for free. These generally are for ‘one/two versions back’ software programs such as PowerPoint 2007, Adobe Creative Suite CS5 & CS5.5, Excel 2007, and more. Watch the website for a list soon but if you’re in the area, stop by and see if anything is of interest.

Also, a list of items available for purchase by Lodges and members is posted on the Grand Lodge website, Remember that each Lodge has an open account with this Office that is net 45 days. Additionally, individuals may order and pay by credit card at the Office or by telephone. E-mail orders are accepted but not recommended for credit card purchases. If you seek something not offered, call us and we will try to meet your needs.

Remember: No job is finished until the paperwork is done.

Mark E. Rustin
Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary