Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – February 2015


To avoid any late filing fee, your Lodges return and the per capita payment must be in this office by February 2nd. (You have an extra day as the first is on Sunday.) If your data in the database is up to date you can print the form in a matter of minutes. It your responsibility to insure this Constitutional mandate is met.

You or an Assistant Secretary from your Lodge should be signed up for and using the database. Your Lodge is being short changed by your avoidance and, you are causing more work for yourself. It should be obvious to all that centralized, electronic data management in Maine is here to stay. The ability to readily communicate with the Brethren electronically is a must in a world of $.48 postage. Additionally, decisions made on behalf of the entire Craft can be based on accurate information and thus avoid costly mistakes.

As your Lodges have their Annual Installations, be sure to file a Certificate of Election as soon as the installation takes place. The Constitution requires you to submit this information as soon as possible after officer installation. This information is used to compile lists for the Credentials Committee at Annual Communication. If not promptly and properly filed, your Officers may not be able to vote at the annual session. Once filed, MORI will automatically make the necessary changes across the whole database eliminating the need for you to make many other entries.

In addition to the Genealogy Section now on the Grand Lodge Website, we have added copies of all Grand Lodge Proceedings to a section named, oddly enough, “Proceedings.”

Three important dates are on the horizon.

The end of the Grand Lodge and Foundation fiscal years is March 31st. If you have programs dependent upon matching grants, this marks the beginning of a new fiscal year and eligibility for the grant programs. The Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Maine is May 5th and 6th. Please encourage your Lodge to be properly represented.

The Grand Lodge insurance renews on June 1st. Now is the time to review your building association coverage (If applicable. If you rent you need only Lodge property coverage in addition to the liability from Grand Lodge) and obtain a quote from the Grand Lodge Master Policy to take effect at renewal. Doing so may save you money and will remove any “double billing” for Lodge member liability.

Beware some building associations who buy insurance outside the GL Policy are being sold policies rating the building as an office building. A few dollars saved could cost many dollars and a lot of heartache later on.

TIP: Need to reach another lodge’s Master or Secretary and don’t know how to reach them? For those on MORI, it’s easy! Simply go to the GRAND LODGE tab and DOWNLOAD ROSTER. You’ll then have the information you need. Shortly after the GL approves the Election Certification, this roster is updated so you’ve always got current information on hand. Try it!

If you or any eligible Brother in your Lodge is interested in offering to be elected a Grand Lodge Officer you must notify this Office in writing on or before March 15, 2015. The elective offices available are Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary. In addition, there are three openings on the Foundation Board and two seats on the Finance Committee. This is a great opportunity to serve the Craft and build the future of Freemasonry in Maine.

Thanks for all you do,


Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary

Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation

The Charitable Foundation Website,, allows the visitor to become familiar with the work we do to benefit others. As you work your way through the site, you begin to sense the “length of our cable tow.”

The site also allows for you to apply for matching grants online. Fill out the electronic form and submit it. It immediately enters the pipeline that ends with the Lodge’s receipt of a check for the program match.

The new District Grant Program is underway. Each District has nominated three not for profit (501c3) organizations for a $2000.00 grant from the Foundation. People wishing to support a nominee may go the Foundation website and cast a vote. Voting is now open. Everyone can vote once every 24 hours. Be aware of who your nominees are and spread the word about how to support them.

Share this information with your Lodge Brothers and others. Let them become aware of this website and the enormous good we do together as a Foundation. Encourage them to “Like” the Foundation on Facebook at or by searching Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation on Facebook. This way everyone can see what other lodges are doing in the community.

From the Library

The Grand Lodge Library continues to grow – DAILY! We hope your lodge will give consideration to the Expansion Program now underway. You’re building Maine Freemasonry’s future. Don’t forget too that the library’s holdings are all online and can be browsed any time, day or night. in the bottom right has a tab for the Grand Lodge Library with links from there. Check it out!

And don’t forget, giving a newly-initiated member (or an Accepted Candidate) a book to read can REALLY get him started right. For just a few dollars, it’s an investment in your lodge’s future. And don’t forget to use the Pollard Tapes: education of your newest members will pay BIG dividends in the long run.

Thanks for reading,