Grand Secretary “Stuff” Information for Lodge Secretaries – December 2013


Let me begin this month by expressing my profound thanks for all of the cards and notes of encouragement I received during my recent absence due to surgery. Your caring lifted my spirits and reaffirmed my vision of the Fraternity we share. Thank you.

In the Districts where I was unable to hold Secretary meetings, I am asking the DDGMs to arrange for a meeting and confirm it with me. I have dates available after January 12, 2014. Let your DDGM know when you are available.

In order to properly prepare your Annual Return, you should enter all the information for 2013 no later than January 7, 2014. Reporting for 2013 will be closed after that day. An accurate Annual Return depends upon accurate, timely information. If you need assistance, have questions, or wish to sign onto the electronic database (MORI) please call the Office.

For those Secretaries not on the system, use the printed FORM 10 mailed to you with the dues cards. Your Lodge information must be submitted to the Office by the January 7 date by way of Status Update Reports or a completed Annual Return in order for us to enter your information for you.

Additionally, you must file Monthly Status Reports with this office by the 5th of the month. The data is essential to the orderly work of the Grand Lodge. These reports are not optional. They are required of all Lodges.  If you use and update the database regularly, you need not file the monthly status report. The timely updating of information satisfies this requirement.

Please remember any Lodge may appoint an Assistant Secretary to augment the Secretary’s ability to serve the Lodge properly. Several Lodges have the Assistant responsible for data entry. Such a situation eliminates the need for the Secretary to learn something new and allows the Lodge to be better served.

Many Lodges hold Annual Meetings this time of the year. As soon as new Officers are installed, please notify this office. The easiest method is to file a Certificate of Election within the database. Otherwise, timely notification must be made by e-mail or snail mail. This information is critical to the operation of the Grand Lodge at many levels.

December is the part of the year that holds special, intuitive meaning for most people in the world. Many of the world’s religions hold all or part of it as season of “holy days”. Before recorded history, it was important to assuage the gods and bring light back to the shorter, colder days. Irrespective of the reasons, these “holy days” are cause for celebration and joy. With love and respect for all, I send you wishes for the happiest of “holi-days.”

Also note, Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM until 4:30PM. The extended hours on Monday are cancelled until further notice.

Remember: No job is finished until the paperwork is done.

Thanks for all you do,

Mark E. Rustin
Mark E. Rustin
Grand Secretary