Grand Secretary “Lowdown” Information for Lodge Secretaries – July 2017

Warm July Greetings!

Welcome to July where we’ve blown past the longest day of the year and we’re 2 weeks into shrinking days but hey, it’s summer so let’s enjoy the weather and some Masonic happenings!  There’s plenty going on so get out there!


Constitutional Corner

For Reinstatement

        105.5 A brother suspended from membership for nonpayment of dues will be restored by the payment or remission of the amount due at the time of his suspension at any time within three years thereafter but after that time he can be reinstated only upon his application made on Official Form No. 10, after payment or remission* of the amount in arrears, which shall take the same course as an application for initiation, and if rejected said applicant shall not again petition until six months after the rejection.

*remission-noun-the cancellation of a debt, charge or penalty

This has come up several times recently and will continue to as the Grand Master has made connecting with suspended or demitted members an upcoming priority.  It is generally straightforward but as always, call me if you have questions or doubts.


Friendly Reminders

            First: The Grand Lodge Master Insurance policy renewed on June 1st.  Insurance bills have been sent to nearly all lodges and building corporations that are on the Grand Lodge Master Plan.  For those who don’t know how this works, Grand Lodge pays the bill for everyone when we are billed.  We bill the lodges to recoup that money and we appreciate your prompt attention in this matter.

Second: Please consider having a discussion at the next Stated Communication of your lodge about your Brethren providing updated e-mail addresses.  We will never get 100% but everyone we have in there that is correct is one less address that is invalid.


Save the Dates

July 22, 2017, 9AM-12PM- Maine Masonic College Class-Symbolism.  Mt Moriah Lodge, Brownfield.

Check out the Grand Lodge Calendar for events happening in your area!


For the Secretaries

The 2017-2018 Directory has been shipped.  The information for this Directory is derived directly from MORI so when lodge officers are not updated, i.e., submitting a Certificate of Election after new officers are installed, we get a less than accurate product.

Also, the Proceedings will be finished up, printed and shipped to you by month’s end.

As always, if you have any questions about anything to do with your lodge, please feel free to call or e-mail us.  We are here to help and support the Lodges and I encourage you to take advantage of it.