Grand Secretary’s Bulletin
Information for Lodge Secretaries and everyone else
June 2019

Warm Fraternal Greetings my Brothers! Speaking of “warm”, I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful, warm spring we’re hav…well, maybe not just yet but warmer weather is coming……isn’t it?

Constitutional Corner
From the Digest of Decisions: Election; Subordinate Lodges Nominations for the election of officers or for officers to be elected should never be made.[1868 p. 199] This has popped up a couple of times lately so here is the reminder. Brothers must OFFER themselves as candidates. It is improper to nominate a Brother for a Lodge office.

Quick Hits
First: Please make the information contained in this newsletter available to anyone in your Lodge who might be interested or might need to be aware of its contents!!
Second: OLP… Please consider using this engagement tool if you aren’t. It’s a convenient way to stay connected to your lodge(s) as well as communicate with your Lodge Brethren.  There are several videos on YouTube that cover aspects of Our Lodge Page including an introduction video, Enabling a Lodge Webmaster and Accepting Credit Cards for Dues. There are even more functions coming soon so stay tuned!
Third: This won’t affect many lodges but if your lodge is doing a summer event and using a bounce house to entertain children, the Grand Lodge liability insurance through Philadelphia Insurance specifically excludes bounce houses from coverage due to their well-documented injury history.

Save the Dates
The Grand Lodge calendars on the Grand Lodge website have a wealth of information about what’s happening around the jurisdiction.  Encourage their use!!  We are working through the last few issues with integrating the calendars on the Grand Lodge website and Our Lodge Page. I expect a demo in the next few days and then hopefully it will be released soon thereafter.

For the Good of the Order
While this subject is not part of the Maine Masonic Code, it is a Grand Lodge Policy that needs to once again be highlighted.  The Social Media Policy continues to get in the way of some who either by willful ignorance or unawareness of it violate the policy with great frequency.  It is clearly recognized by this office that the vast majority of Masons in Maine live their lives every day by a philosophy of Freemasonry that includes promoting good character, truth and tolerance as well as extend good will to all regardless of race, creed or station in life.  There has been an uptick in blatant violations of the Social Media Policy as of late and those who claim their right to free speech is being squelched. If you wish to not cheerfully conform to our rules and wish to engage in vitriolic communication, I invite you to find another fraternity to be part of. Nobody ever said living life as a Freemason was easy. We are a group of like-minded men who strive to be the bedrock of a good society.  The Grand Lodge does not have time to look at all social media of our members. When these issues arise, it is strictly because a Mason or a citizen has brought it up, usually questioning if it is appropriate social media behavior for “the Masons”.  We are Freemasons…we carry ourselves as such
no matter where we are: in town or in cyberspace.

For the Secretaries
For many of you, June brings the summer break as the lodge is dark in July and August. If that is the case, please continue to respond to correspondence from this office. I appreciate your cooperation in this regard.  As always, if you  have ANY questions about the administrative business of your Lodge or the Grand Lodge, please reach out to me by whatever method is best for you.


From the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation:
On May 23rd, Susan Scacchi, the new Executive Director of the Foundation, attended her first District Officer’s meeting at Ocean Lodge in Wells. Invited by Jonathan Rosen, the 19th District Education Representative, Susan was asked to share a little about her background and insight into the goals for the Foundation over the coming year. It was a very informative meeting and there was lengthy discussion about desired outcomes for the Foundation, both short and long-term, local and statewide. It was extremely helpful for Susan to hear what is important to Masons at the lodge level. Hopefully other lodges/Districts will take the opportunity to invite Susan to their meetings in the near future.

You can reach her directly at
or by phone at (603) 677-2436