Welcome to the Youth Section of our Library. If you’re a kid, it’s just GREAT that you know about QR codes and have found this page. We’ve got a bunch of books for YOU and you can borrow them any time. Just ask any of the people working here and they’ll help you find something for your age and interest. If there’s some particular book or series you like and we dont have it, let us know. This part of the library is for YOU!

As things move along, we’ll be adding a bunch of things like Storytime, Minecast tournaments, and more. Keep in touch!

If you’re an adult, here’s some information about why we have created this portion of our library space.

Freemasonry is a FAMILY-oriented organization. Although its members are male adults, we fully recognize the importance of We believe that we have the FIRST and ONLY Masonic Library with an entire purpose-decorated section just for youth. We’ve got all sorts of books for every age from pre-readers on through teens. We’ve tried to include a bunch of ‘classics’ and are in the process of adding Lexile reading level measurements to our books as well (marked clearly on the spine).