It’s more than just the brotherhood: there are a plethora of groups which are often referred to as the “Masonic Family” because membership in them is predicated on being a Mason or, in some cases, related to one.

The most recognized ‘appendant bodies’ are Scottish Rite, York Rite (which includes Chapters of Royal Arch Masons, Councils of Royal & Select Masters, and Knights Templar) and Shrine.

In addition, there are groups for the female relatives of Masons (Eastern Star, Amaranth, Daughters of the Nile, and more), for boys (DeMolay) and girls (Rainbow and – in a limited number of other states – Jobs Daughters), for military members and veterans (National Sojourners) and many, many more. We’d jokingly suggest that listing the many Masonic-related groups worldwide might take up all of the memory in whatever device you’re reading this. Although that’s not really true, you’d be surprised at the large number.

Because our library is supported by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine Charitable Foundation, our emphasis is on books by, about, and related to Freemasons and Freemasonry, we do have a limited number of publications about these many other organizations. It should be noted too that very few of these groups have produced any books with the exception of one or two ‘potted histories’.

While a man may join many, many groups related to Freemasonry, there is no higher degree than that of Master Mason.