Library & Museum Management are topics that few Masonic-oriented institutions spend much time worrying about. Things just ‘run’ the way they always have. However, here in Maine, with the move after a century to our new space in Holden, we’ve become VERY forward-looking. We want to offer a valuable and relevant service to not only our membership but to their friends, family, and communities. To that end, we’ve been building a collection to help us organize and run both our library and musuem in a meaningful and timely way.

For a century and a half, both our library and museum were increased primarily by additions from estates. Coming to Holden, with a revitalized perspective on “SERVICE”, the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation has adopted a progressive vision on what these two offerings can deliver. To that end, we have sought out books and videos which will help us become and remain vibrant and relevant. We hope you will agree and we encourage your input.

Our books on these topics can also help those from other institutions who might not have the funding to secure them. Please remember that we lend books to ALL within our state. All we ask is that you pay the return shipping costs if you’re not near enough to return them in person.