Liberal Arts & Sciences (listed below), all Masons are encouraged to learn about and which are explained at length in the Fellowcraft (2nd) Degree of the three Masonic degrees.

At our Grand Lodge library, we are building a broad variety of books that can help anyone learn more about these bedrock foundations of our educational experience – subjects which make anyone better fit to lead in our society."Artes liberales", Pesellino. Birmingham Museum of Art (Alabama)


Grammar – A refined person must be able to speak and write with appropriate language. As society evolves with emotions and 140 character tweets, grammar is an art which seems to be much less important. Yet those who understand the importance of clear and concise communication will always seek to improve their use of this important art. Our ritual helps Masons understand grammatical structure and the importance of communication.

Rhetoric – While in today’s world, heated rhetoric (or ‘speaking’) seems to be the standard. Yet, the ability to articulate ideas clearly and without unnecessary or unreasonable passion is an art which should be practiced by all those who seek to continue our society. The rhetoric taught through the use of Masonic rituals helps Masons to learn to speak important ideas of mankind with appropriate passion but without inflamed rhetoric.

Logic – Another forgotten art in today’s world it seems, Logic is SO vitally important if one wants to lead a productive and fulfilling life.

Music – ‘Sooth the savage beast’, music both charms and enlightens us. Many ‘Famous Freemasons’ were also famous composers (Beethoven, Mozart, Sibelius, to name just a few) and we’ve got more about them in our ‘Biographies’ section.

Arithmetic – Where would our world be without this essential science. It’s staggering to contemplate that in man’s earliest history, even the concept of ‘zero’ was unknown and unknowing. We have progressed SO very far….

Geometry – Although many are initially afraid of approaching this particular science, we’re trying to collect books to make it more approachable. The Maine Masonic College regularly holds programs which include this science, one of which will teach you how geometry can help you determine how much tar you’d need for a driveway!

Astronomy – “…under whose watchful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions.” Again, our Masonic ritual addresses the amazing universe and we’ve collected a number of books to make this approachable to the average person.

Let us know if there are other books on any of these subjects you feel we should add to our collection. We welcome your input.

Freemasonry has been described as a progressive moral science – and it encourages its members to ‘make a daily advancement’ in Masonic education.

The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric Reissue Edition by Sister Miriam Joseph, Marguerite McGlinn

Today, the word ‘Philosophy’ is so very often fearsome. “Oh, I don’t understand philosophy….” is not only an excuse (not a reason!) but it’s false to fact. Whether we realize it or not, we ALL understand, to a greater or lesser degree, philosophy – and we all have various philosophies that we live by and exist with. Enhance your knowledge of the world around you by learning MORE about the 7 essential elements of ‘Philosophy’! You’ll be better – and the WORLD will be better – for your having done so.