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Web Changes

Changes to the web site are logged here.  This does not include changes to the Maine Lodge of Research, Maine Masonry Today Online or the History & Proceedings.


GS Newsletter


New versions of revised forms


New version Forms 7. 9 and 13 for Grand Lodges


GS stuff for Nov, PDF files for Masonic Excellence Award for 2017


Maine Seniors mag link on home page to PDF and GL supplies updated


Add Adoniram lodge to all lodge pages


remove District meetings info


Email address change


GS letter


GM Newsletter


GS letter, edits, store items


Small email edits


Updated Form 17 in DOC and PDF


GM letters to GA and Tenn - link on home page.  GS Stuff


New Application for Dispensation form (links in various places), news of Special Commuication and dispensations in Recent News, GS stuff, GM letter.  Finish GL Committees and Officers, JW biography, Mainemason editor email changed and Dexter lodge address


Update GL biographies, new Form 1 - create fill-in PDF, changes links on various pages to new form.


Picture updates for elected officers, small updates and District Meetings list started


ByDistrict page updated for new district officers


Toolkit items, lodge FB, more updates of officers


Start of updates for new officers


Bio for GS candidate


New product for GL store, setup Annual stuff - list of candidates


Typo on home page, price change GL supplies


Updated for lodge FB and web links, GS letter, rebuild searh indexes


More small changes for lodge links, committees, small fixes


Brotherhood weekend deadline for reservations extended:  index, events index, new PDF.  Lodge web/FB links updated


Update google analytics code


New portal page with theme picked by the Grand Secretary.  Put new home page on mainemasonrytoday as the new portal is too complex to maintain for two sites.


GL Supplies update, GS stuff, District mtg updates, forms for annual


District Mtg change, updated for web/fb for lodges, email change


District Mtg chg, Updated Form 15 and Form 25,  GS Stuff, small Lodge web ref edit, NE Brotherhood weekend info and registration form - update portal page


GS Letter - another version of Bike for Books order form


Mentoring program newsletter and more for the Masonic Excellence award - added ME program forms to forms.asp program, complete list on resources/index.asp of forms and documentation files


Small fixes lodge info, Bike for Books on forms master page only - really belongs on the MMCF site


Fix Waterford and Danforth lodge address on by town page


GS letter, more stuff for the Grand Library


Fix menu system for QR landing pages for library.


Put a link to AskaMaineMason on page about becoming a Mason.


GM appeal for SC disaster, Maine Rookie form updated - new name in grandlodge/memerbship and forms.asp changed


Remove Insurance tab on portal as information is now dated


Update district meetings, link for meetings updated on home portal


Update District Meetings. Small price chg GL supplies, upload missing file in genealogy card images


New product GL supplies with picture, tool tip


Revised by district page to have text links for District web pages and link to District Calendar


FB page for Rural Lodge, new Lodge Tools for Excellence Award


Update DRI, GS Letter, District Meetings for upcoming year

22 June 2015

Remove CHIPS stuff, small edit for DER

2 June 2015

Updates for new Maine Masonic Code - GS stuff for June

12 May 2015

Passing of PGM Snelling

5 May 2015

Start of updated lists for new term and elections

4 April 2015

GS Stuff, candidates for election, Mentoring letter, new Rookie Program PDF

27 March 2015

Little edits - supplies, lodge meeting day

21 March 2015

Candidate progress on DER listing (it's a DER document) - to be added to master list shortly

Knox lodge web and FB page in appropriate place

New DDGM Dist 9 - glofficers and bydistrict.

3 March 2015

Notice of Annual Meeting, Reservation Form for Meals and Finance Report, mentoring newsletter.

27 February 2015

GS Letter, new Rookie Form, supply price change, reindex search, added Facebook links for several lodges

21 February 2015

Small change to Form 17; Added several pages of categories to the Grand Library section; Dist 9 Meeting date change; Facebook links for 2 lodges.

28 Jan 2015

Yet another 'corrected' copy of the Maine Masonic Code - Link changed on three pages.

20 Jan 2015

A new Maine Masonic Code to replace the one from March which apparently was not the correct one. Updated DRI for District 12. Fixed links for Bikes for Books order form.

16 Jan 2015

Corrected G's in genealogy list; some email changes; added Facebook links; officer profile MR changed; Bikes for Books order form;

2 Jan 2015

GS letter, small edits, copyright date changed

15 Nov 2014

Email changes, district meetings, small changes, GL supplies

8 Nov 2014

GL Supplies, small edits, lodge web site updates, mentoring newsletter and seminars

4 November 2014

Removed items and changed descriptions of supply items; updated 2 lodge addresses and weblinks; added list of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain award winners; worked extensively on upcoming genealogy section to contain member cards from 1820. GS letter

26 October 2014

GM Calendar link added, removed dead links to lodge websites on all three lodge-listing pages, added Facebook graphic and link to listing by town/city for lodges with a Facebook presence, removed link to Open House section, changes to supply items listings,

24 October 2014

GM Sched, DER change

13 October 2014

Update open house table; began search for new portal page template

4 October 2014

Added back Maine Masonic Code link to portal page. (Don't know why it was dropped! Sorry....) Mentoring letter, new Diploma Form, update open house list

30 September 2014

Updated District Meeting listing; MLR next meeting;

17 September 2014

Remove old Ben Franklin pages, create page with Open House date - info to come from Membership Comm.

14 September 2014

GM Sched, GS Letter, misc changes

7 September 2014

Changes to DER/DRI, membership seminar cancellation.

2 August 2014

Membership seminary - link on Masonic Events tab, make PDF fill-able

30 July 2014

New Constitution for 2014 in PDF -- add to downloads index, GL Maine forms page.  Reindex search.  Remove the HTML version as it is now out of date.

6 July 2014

GS Stuff, cancel Dirigo Seminar in Hermon - events/portal, other minor changes

2 July 2014

GL Calendars page and links, new menu item

21 June 2014

Store changes, fix spelling of DDGM, small edits

8 June 2014

GM Schedule, District Meeting started, Membership seminar pdf to download

14 May 2014

Special Communication notice, Chris's bio as SGW

9 May 2014

More cleanup with GM change, GM schedule

4 May 2014

Preparation for elections and new officers. GL Officers Appointed updated and By District.  Committees still to come

2 May 2014

GS Letter and mentoring letterl

18 April 2014

Changes to GL Supplies.  Added Form 11

14 April 2014

Last candidate info.  New petition (downloads index and GL forms page)

3 April 3014

Update candidates for MMCF.  GS Stuff.   St Andrew on Thurs.  Dist. 10 officer changes. New form for Ritual Work Approval.

2 April 2014

Per GM, take out GM Banquet and hotel information from GL Annual section

29 March 2014

Lots of small edits through out the site

GL Annual information available - schedule, meal reservation, etc.

1 March 2014

Small fixes for GL Committees, notice of MMC program and download brochure (PDF). GS stuff for March and mentoring newsletter.  Reindex search.

8 February 2014

GS stuff, web changes for lodge, mentoring newsletter, update search and portal

25 January 2014

Removed references to Maine Masonry Today for online section as it's been closed due to being hacked and lack of pictures from the Craft

17 Jan 2014

Update google tracking code on all pages, including MLR

2 January 2014

Update copyright, GS letter, update portal, mentoring newsletter

19 December 2013

GM Xmas Message, small district changes, cipher

1 December 2013

GM Message, Mentoring newsletter, GS Stuff, rebuild search indexes, change portal page

19 November 2013

GM message and schedule, Saco lodge address chg, update portal page, supplies chg.

2 November 2013

Updage Asst. Gr. Lecturers, update portal (Open House done), mentoring newsletter

9 October 2013

Fix link to download file, small edits

2 Sept 2013

GS Stuff for October - update portal page.

Add links to Mentoring Newsletter (PDF in downloads) on Mentoring page.

18 Sept 2013

Fix error in menu for Lodges by Town.  New GL insurance information on portal and GL Forms page

13 September 2013

All GL Insurance Program information removed.  New info to come.

Small email chg DER, lodge web sites, C. Ratliff bio and small picture,

Added new lodge locator powered by MORI. On menu system, set as default for the lodges sub-directory

Added Library Search information and made library search LIVE.

Portal changes. Cleanup 2012 Mentoring program info.

4 September 2013

Drummond Lodge web change, GS stuff, portal changes

2/3 August 2013

GS Stuff, Lodge address change, portal changes for Lodge Secretaries, clean up old portal events, add 2013/4 Leadership Seminars

19 July 2013

GL Supplies change, add mentoring page for resources and information (put on index page for resources and as menu item for resources).

7 July 2013

Membership pins in GL supplies, add latest District Meeting list (in district order)

23 June 2013

GM Sched, update District Meetings, GL supplies page - changes and new pictures.

16 June 2013

Small changes - DER email, web addresses.

New tabs on portal page for Secretaries, Lodge Officers and GL Library to highlight pages for their needs.  Change topics on popular pages to reflect moving some things to new tabs.

Added Social Media Policy - portal, download index page and list of GL Documents.  Copied GL documents to GL forms page.

New page for new service year pins.  Summer hours for Grand Lodge.

7 June 2013

Update Constitution for 2012 (download only), DRI addition, Open House - insert list from Chris for Open Houses, GS Stuff for June, new picture for JGW,


25 May 2013

GM Schedule, special communication, bio for JGW, update District Meetings schedule, misc. edits

17 May 2013

Portal - link to Membership Comm docs for Open House and update bews links.

Planning page for Open House - update files to download

GS Letter, district meetings list started for 2013-14

Change for lodge address

5 May 2013

Results of Grand Lodge elections, officers appointed for 2013-14

20 April 2013

Changes for Table Lodge page, small price changes GL supplies, add proposed amendments for Annual on resources index page and point to on portal (PDF format only)

12 April 2013

GM message and GM Schedule updated.  Mentoring & Dirigo sessions information on events page and portal page.

7 April 2013

Fix DER link on portal page, more infor for DER corner, fix web link St. John's, GS stuff, fix some email address changes

12 March 2013

Special Communication.  Update GL Supplies with more pictures

3 March 2013

Update GS letter, GM letter with notice of MMC convention.  New Application for Dispensation and fixed some typos on the page.  Added Application / Petition for some forms since some people looking for Application couldn't figure out that Peition was the same thing.

16 February 2013

GM Schedule, price changes in GL Supplies

5 February 2013

Fix links for Rainbow, new website for Tenants Harbor

27 January 2013

Update Casco Lodge meeting day

11 January 2013

Make all fill-in Grand Lodge forms able to be saved (extended form).  Modify MMCF Application for Relief, create PDF, make fill-in (terrible form) and make extended.

1 Jan 2013

Update copyright.  GS January letter.  Update SCAMS page.

22 December 2012

GL Supplies Product Images - correct color and alignment as needed and then crop pictures to 400px.  Create thumbnails.  Insert thumbnails in the GL Supplies table.  Create DIVs with each full size picture, description and price.  Create a tooltip to display the contents of the appropriate DIV for each product.  Tooltips are 430px, Silverstone, use Callout Arrow and place picture RIGHT MIDDLE.

18 December 2012

GM Calendar, Wilton lodge new web site.

12 December 2012

More supplies for Grand Lodge Office

8 December 2012

Small change for supplies, lodges, info on scams

5 December 2012

Change to the Office Supplies, new file for download. Rebuild search indexes and upload.

4 December 2012

Remove Saccarappa website as it's dead and taken over by a domain farm. Add office supplies as a file in the Grand Lodge section and in the menu and a link to download it on the Grand Lodge forms page.

1 December 2012

New web for Lincolnvile. GS Letter

24 November 2012

Put CSS on portal images so they look like buttons, since people can't figure out they can click on a picture.

19 November 2012

Put Ben Franklin back on home page and link to OPENHOUSE directory where there is the membership information done for the open house. Took the Find an Open House data out and put a comment to come back in 2013 when we have the next open house.

Fixed typo in lodge name/town on index, byday, by district page and then coped to OpenHouse directory where they insisted on copying the information rather than linking to the page that is regularly updated.

Rebuild all search indexes with additional material added back in.

17 November 2012

Update Wm King Lodge web site

16 November 2012

Update Form 17 - redo DOC file for Holden and create fill-in PDF

10 November 2012

Appeal procedure changed as MSA has appeal out now.

2 Nov. 2012 - second edit

Appeal for Hurricane Sandy from GM - add panel to portal, put in recent news.

2 November 2012

GS Stuff, reindex search, update portal, lodge address update

27 October 2012

Island #89 - day change for meetings, last of District Meetings

22 October 2012

Revise Application for Relief form to reflect new GL Secretary and Address. Create PDF and make fill-in form.

16 September 2012

Updated GM Schedule, update to District Meetings, update Portal and update Search indexes.

13 October 2012

Recent news - Special Communication at Togus - on portal and in recent news

12 October 2012

Change open house bottom to 4 columns like it was before so can add email as 4th column. Add callout manually to inside pages for the email. Sort the table for find a lodge by town by opening the ASP page in excel, sorting, copying table to a new excel spread sheet and then copy/paste into the ASP page sorted and then manually remove all the formatting nonsense that Excel puts in.

Update the GL Insurance FAQ - added header, footer with page numbers.

New DGGM for District 13 on GL Officers and bydistrict pages

9 October 2012

Serious updating on the open house section. Combined the openhouse and joining directories into just the openhouse directory, change all the files to use one template. Delete joining directory - becomeone is the directory with information on joining Freemasonry.

Change the top navigation per the membership committee. Change the text across the bottom from four columns to three and then put the appropriate text per the membership committee in it.

Waiting to hear about the Mail Chimp list before making that edit and will need to change the corporate Privacy policy before uploading.

Added the downloads on the planning page that were updated for 2012


7 October 2012

More small changes here and there -- addresses, open house

1 October 2012

Letter from GS - note change to Form 25 to "Report of Elections". Change link on downloads page, change title in DOC file and put GL Seal and ver # (Doc only, forgot and made PDF first). Create fill-in PDF. Started links for OPen House contacts.

27 Sept. 2012

First pass for Find an Open House -- no links on email as webmaster doesn't have time at the moment.

21 Sept 2012

Change to Charitable Foundation Grant - create fill-in PDF.

1 Sept 2012

From the Grand Secretary Newsletter, Grand Library page updated

23 August 2012

Fix links in footer for contact/privacy that weren't working.  Create page for GS news for Sept 1 (no content yet). Will need to add to menus, GL ToC and portal.

22 August 2012

Update GM Schedule, District events, put Grand Marshal at top of appointed officers

12 August 2012

New web for Tyrian Lodge, update District Meetings, fix Messalonskee number in lodge listings.  Franklin graphic on honme page in new tab for the Open House stuff. Added GL address at bottom of home page and put under What's New for now, so it's up front for those who still need it.

1 August 2012

Portal change to link to recent news with announcement of new GS

20 July 2012

Web site change for Kennebec #5.  Start putting files on for Grand Lecturers. Convert DOC files to fill-in PDF for new forms Brandy created recently. Scan word list and other forms and put into PDFs.  Certificate is in MS Publisher Format.

26 June 2012

GM Sched, GL officers updates

15 June 2012

Change GM picture, update email address glofficers

8 June 2012

GM Schedule, update District Meetings, modification to some forms in progress.

31 May 2012

GM Schedule

27 May 2012

Small spelling changes, E. Dixmont changed meeting day, chg menu for Rookie Program

21 May 2012

Update Committees

4 May 2012

Updates and changes for new Grand Lodge information

May 2012

Site redesign - page names have been preserved as much as possible to ensure that Bookmarks are still valid.

Merged all the pieces -- portal, joining and open house into one integrated site behind the scenes.



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