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We have event calendars for each of our 24 Masonic Districts in Maine. If you're want to find out what District a particular lodge is in, you can click on our Lodge Locator.

When entering events, BE SURE to put them ONLY on the appropriate District Calendar. Your entry will then automatically be merged onto the full Grand Lodge Calendar.

Click below for the appropriate District:

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{District 7} {District 8} {District 9} {District 10} {District 11} {District 12}

{District 13} {District 14} {District 15} {District 16} {District 17} {District 18}

{District 19} {District 20} {District 21} {District 22} {District 23} {District 24}

The full Grand Lodge calendar showing events from all Districts is found HERE.

The Grand Master's Calendar showing his activities is HERE.

Note: to filter by multiple Districts, simply click on APPLY A FILTER in the upper right of the Grand Lodge calendar. Use the same process to unapply a filter also.

Please note that ALL Masonic bodies recognized by the Grand Lodge of Maine are welcomed and encouraged to place events on the appropriate calendar. However, this should only be done by those authorized by the body's presiding officer to do so.

IMPORTANT: If you are on a page which has advertisements of any kind on it, you are on the WRONG PAGE. Please remove the bookmark you may have used and begin using the page linked above. There are NO ads on any Grand Lodge calendar!!!


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