Despite what frantic detractors plaster over the internet, Freemasonry’s activities are not all that ‘secret’. In fact, anyone with even a modicum of sensibility will quickly realize that ALL organizations (even religions) have matters that are not revealed publicly, most generally because ‘it’s nobody else’s business’! Because Masonic meetings often discuss matters of charity, it’s totally inappropriate for those meetings to be public and subject to criticism by others who have either no stake or a prejudiced one in the outcome.

Are we taking over the world? The standard joke amongst Masons when hearing that claim is snickering and laughter – followed closely by a remark from someone suggesting that those who can’t figure out whether to have egg salad or ham salad sandwiches are not likely to be involved with such things.

But we digress: EVERY Grand Lodge publishes a record of their proceedings each year. These are kept publicly available in their libraries and copies are sent around the world to other Grand Lodges with whom they share fraternal relations.

In the past, huge books were mailed hither and yon but now, portable document files (PDFs) travel by email. We’re collecting those from other jurisdictions so if you’re a Maine Mason, a note to the Grand Librarian will get you access to whatever you might find in our catalog. (Non-Masons should request materials from the Grand Lodge involved directly.)

For Maine Annual Communications, all of our Grand Lodge Proceedings since 1820 are online for you to view. We’ll have links to them all here presently.