Mark Twain Award 2009 Winner


The Maine Lodge of Research, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - a 2008 Mark Twain Award winner and the very first Lodge of Research to be so honored - is a regularly chartered lodge under the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine. It meets quarterly on the fourth Saturday of March, June and September and the first Saturday of December. Our June meeting is the annual installation of officers.

Lorne and SwordOur next meeting is SATURDAY, October 1, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. (Please note: this is a change from our regularly-scheduled meeting in September.)

Our meetings are held at the Bangor Masonic Center at 294 Union Street. It's easy to reach from anywhere and has ample parking.

We gather between 8:00 AM and 9 AM for coffee, pastries, and fraternal discussion. Our business meeting begins at 9:00 AM and at 10:30 AM we begin discussion and the presentation of papers. We usually finish our meeting between 12PM and 1PM. (NOTE: we're trying this earlier meeting time to enable us to enjoy more time for paper presentation and question/answer discussion afterwards.)

No reservations are necessary for any of these meetings. Just come on down.... If you're not a member, you might even decide to become one before you leave!!! There's a brochure all about us HERE. (Application forms are also available in Microsoft Word format here or in Adobe PDF format here and you'll be one step ahead!) For $15 a year, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal!

You don't need to be a Maine resident to join the Maine Lodge of Research: we welcome applications from any Master Mason whose Grand Lodge is in fraternal relations with the Grand Lodge of Maine. We encourage you to join us at our meetings and in our work.

Masonic Research....

The 2008 Twain AwardAre you making your 'daily advancement' in Masonry? Join the Maine Lodge of Research and we'll help you do that through a lively and interesting study of our history and a look towards our future. Also, we encourage your submissions for our upcoming planned book with a working title of "North Atlantic Freemasonry". Contact our Junior Warden for more information.

And if you're looking for some help on getting started, ANY of our officers would be happy to assist. For writing consistency, we encourage use of The Quarry Project's STYLE GUIDE which can help answer any questions you may have and make the writing part less stressful and more professional. Additionally, both the Grand Historian and Grand Librarian are active and involved members of the Lodge and would certainly welcome your inquiries.

Masonic research is a very rewarding endeavor and we welcome all 'Seekers of Knowledge' to join with us in this endeavor. Historical restatements and current topics are always interesting to our members. We hope to see you at our next meeting!

The photo above on the left is of our Senior Warden, Lorne Urquhart (of Nova Scotia!) during a talk on the history of the Tyler's Sword in June, 2014. The picture on the right shows outgoing MLR Master Richard Rhoda delivering the Twain Award trophy to the care of Lodge Master Eric Kuntz at our 2009 Installation of Officers with our late Chaplain Gerry Pickard looking on.

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